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Uh tower condominium complexes not far from this park were garner was doing his business and suddenly as soon as those condos went up the police started claim by almost every day and people who had never seen police we know for months now that we're seeing them every day and the tiniest transactions were attracting the attention of of law enforcement and this was a huge part of the calculus with our garner because my theory about this is is that he would never have been in the situation where he was being constantly pursued by the police if there were not expensive real estate developments across the street he was exactly the kind of person that they were trying to get rid of in order to make this more expensive real estate suggest before eric garner was choked he had broken up a fight describe what happened in that fight and what garnered to break it up right and this is a key part of the story i probably talked to twenty or twentyfive people who were there that day not a single person i spoke to said that they had seen eric garner selling a cigarette in the hours preceding this incident garner was actually feeling unwell he had gone to a bathroom in a in an office across the street he came out of the bathroom and there was a disagreement in the park basically one man had said something about another man's daughter and there was a fight the fights happen fairly regularly booed garner one of his roles in that neighborhood was to break up fights because fights attracted police used to say he tried to keep the block from getting hot that was his expression so he went he broke up this fight between these two characters.

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