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Not have an AK-47 in it Exactly Exactly Nadra would atala thanks for joining us Thank you That was writer and producer nadra witta Tala you can find her writing in the LA times and bustle and more Coming up we're moving away from television and games to the film industry to talk about why movies feel so long That's after the break Starting next week in congressional hearings on the January 6th attack on the capitol lawmakers will probe how our system held up against an insurrection I mean we dodged a bullet right No we didn't Dodge a bullet That was a practice run Now we know how to refine the message going forward Insurrections without consequences are just practice runs Don't miss this week's on the media from WNYC Tomorrow morning at ten on 93.9 FM WNYC is supported by foreman school in litchfield Connecticut a coed college preparatory boarding and day school with a July summer program accepting students entering grades 7 through 11 who learn differently more information at form and school dot org slash summer WNYC is a media partner of the public theaters 60th anniversary season of Shakespeare in the park Richard the third begins June 21st followed by as you like it A summer season of Shakespeare in Central Park public theater dot org In 2014 a New Jersey couple with powerful political connections was found dead in their bedroom I'm Nancy Solomon For two years I've been trying to find out what happened to John and Joyce Sheridan Was there anything on her mind that was bothering her I know where you're going But no I know you have to ask the question but no true crime and political corruption Dead end a New Jersey political murder mystery from WNYC studios Listen wherever you get podcasts Support.

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