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The guy coming out of backfield lord knows he excels catching the ball out of the backfield in making things happen zach zenit fun to watch hard worker put the head down all of that zach centers backup which in today's national football league those seem like pretty much every room maksim a backup now gone are the days where you had that were course man there aren't many workhorses left you're a see a little bit of this a little bit of that a one a a one be sometimes a oneseat dwayne washington walls great that they got some value from a kit right it was great that a late draft choice was able to make the team i think we all saw eventually why he was eight late draft choice he is a a depth piece i don't think the dwayne washington is anything special that's not to say is not an nfl or anything like that but i don't think dwayne washington is the answer can i tell you about my my background with the mirror of dula i wasn't a big amir abdulah fan and when the lions drafted him i was not i was not pleased in that regard i thought there were two or three other running backs at the lions could have taken okay i went to camp two years ago and i went to camp with you you might gnome we've had him on the show before the scout scott bischoff any told me to look at certain things and in certain attributes that amiram dula brings to.

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