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When they come to town or you go to tallahassee ask them why are you ignoring this absolutely we plan to publish an editorial every two weeks and that means the same detail as in the miami herald sun sentinel the palm beach post so and with up edge we're getting beds from people in our community we wanna raise the voices and then as candidates come through seeking newspaper endorsements for the august primary and the november general every candidate who comes through we are going to ask you know what's the plan on sea level rise what are we going to do about it because it's being ignored where six million people expected to be nine million people in not so many years where huge economy and because of the politics you know we're not focused we need leadership on it and so we plan to hold people accountable and create a drumbeat that they can't ignore we'll we'll keep listening in rosemary to see how it's going thank you for taking time to be with us today and thanks for helping us kala tension to it happy to be here iran or welcome rosemary o'hara editorial page editor at the sunsentinel part of the team with the miami herald and the palm beach post might come back we're going to talk about bacteria that eat antibiotics but we'll tell you how that can be used to fight antibiotic resistance bacteria's interesting stories stay with us we'll give you the details after the break don't go away support for this podcast comes from legalzoom national small business month at legalzoom is here whether you're just starting out or already have the business there's a lot you can take advantage of right now just go to legalzoom dot com slash startup during march to download your free business startup kit you'll get a ton of great information for example you can find out how to maximize your business deductibles under the new.

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