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I tried to convince her to that question and more with former homicide prosecutor Kohli Stimson in just a few minutes right now though here's some of the top stories from around the state of Florida this week Miami Dade County is taking another step towards normalcy almost Camilla has announced the re opening of beaches the curfew has also been lifted restrictions include no groups of more than ten people come in and says the last thing he wants to do is close the beaches again but he won't let things get out of control Florida's troubled unemployment system has the attention of federal lawmakers senators Chuck Schumer and Ron white in one one of us to get what they call the system's repeated crashes in collections and inaction from governor on the sentence Schumer and whiting or Democrats in this scene is accuse them of partisan politics some of the week Scott is applauding president trump's latest move on Cuba trump last week ordered Marriott international to stop operating in Cuba senator Scott said this sends a clear message that we're committed to fighting for a new day of freedom for Cuba and its people Scott also says he'd like to see Cuba declared a state sponsor of terrorism and we'd like to see what war Castro indicted for the murder of American citizens St Petersburg police chief Anthony Holloway is making the changes now since it's a requirement for his officers to prevent or stop wrongdoing by another officer chief Holloway says the consequences for her not doing so could be anywhere from more training to suspension to firing the Orange County sheriff's office has also updated its use of force policy to say deputies have a duty to intervene if they see or anticipate excessive force being used by their colleagues Tampa's mayor is using a city landmark to honor the memory of George Floyd old city hall was weighed in crimson and gold which are the colors of the Houston high school for you attended Tampa mayor Jane castor says she hopes this will shine a light on the need for justice in systemic change she also says temple stands with the other cities around the country calling for a more equitable and just future for all Clearwater's police chief acknowledges some policies may need to be reinforced to better serve the community chief Daniel slaughter met with faith leaders who are a part of the upper Pinellas minute stroll alliance slaughter says officers have been trained not to block a suspect airway but he doesn't think the policy is as clear as he'd white and it was county sheriff Bob U. T. Aries was also at the meeting and he promised to review the policy that requires deputies to report officer misconduct Orlando's mayor is Rory's system calls that are growing louder across the country to define the police department's mayor buddy Dyer said he can't think of going a day without having police officers in the city and neighborhoods he did promise though to review the department policies on use of force and discipline to change dot org petition is to define the police have gone over a thousand signatures a city in Polk County is making an effort to unite its diverse communities later when officials announced it will hold a community forum on race relations June twenty ninth at the RP funding center city manager Tony Delgado says we don't listen to each other in order to make real change there is excitement in Brevard county around a new development back by a high profile investor how we Doro went by how we D. when he was a Backstreet boy but now the forty six year old is a property developer behind plans for a luxury condo in cocoa beach your window native says he believes cocoa beach is a hidden gem and ground breaking for the surfer is planned for September an official with the community redevelopment agency told Florida today the project will be gorgeous and have a big impact on tax revenues and those were some of the top stories from around the state of Florida this week coming up in just a moment I speak with an expert a legal expert on the case against the officer Minneapolis who is being accused of murdering George of Floyd while making an arrest we'll get to that important topic in more on this edition of the four round table I'm Michael yes he will be back in just a moment if you're living with diabetes in using insulin you know the pain of pricking your fingers over and over again by.

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