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Hawaii's governor says at least 53 people have died. CBS's Jonathan Vigliati is getting on Maui. in People helicopters used for tours to bring food into places and to get evacuees out. The military is also on the scene assisting with the search and rescue on the ground. Sources tell us that there are hundreds of homes and all of the wreckage that has yet to be sifted through. So it really is a race against the clock. President Biden has signed a disaster declaration. Our prayers for the but not just our prayers. Every asset we have will be available to them and we've seen, they've seen their business destroyed and some have lost loved ones and it's not over yet. Five Americans are no longer in prison in Iran. CBS News has learned the move comes in an exchange with Washington for access to billions of dollars frozen in South Korea. CBS's Margaret Brennan says the Americans include - an American businessman who has been held since 2018. Murad Tabas also held since 2018. He's an Iranian American environmentalist, Siamak Namazi, 51 years old, held for eight years, just released to house arrest. Nine of the 16 Michigan Republican Party electors accused of filing false election documents on behalf of former President Trump plead not guilty to felony charges. WWJ's John Hewitt. The arraignments via Zoom were in response to felony charges electors that the falsely claimed former President Trump won Michigan's 2020 presidential election. In this exchange, Attorney Dave Kallman, representing defendant William Choate of Cement City, asks Judge Kristen Simmons for a delay in the scheduled probable cause conference and preliminary exam. There's over 100 police reports. There's no discovery luminous I have to go through. I recognize that we have done at least one of the co -defendants cases already and they have the same issue there. Your client needs to appear for all the court dates. John Hewitt for CBS News Detroit. The Supreme Court temporarily blocks a nationwide settlement with OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma. The settlement was reached last year with state and local governments, but the Biden administration had asked the High Court to block it. It said members Sackler of the family shouldn't be released from legal liability. The justices blocked the agreement for now, but scheduled arguments over whether to allow it to proceed. They said they want to decide whether bankruptcy law allows for a blanket shield for the family from lawsuits filed by all opioid victims. Christopher Cruz, CBS News, Washington. If you need to hire, you need Indeed. Their end -to -end hiring system helps you attract, interview, and hire candidates all in the same place. Visit indeed .com slash credit. 3 on WTOP. It's Thursday evening, August 10th, 2023. Hyattsville at 79 Hopping to the 60s in the suburbs. Good evening, I'm Dimitri Sotis with the top local stories we're following this hour. There's mounting concern surrounding a local teacher's disappearance. It's been almost two weeks since the Prince George's County woman went out

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