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News tests dot com America is listening to Fox News. Miami, just one of the cities where beeches have been closed for the holiday weekend because of rising cases of covert 19 Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber enormous spikes in South Florida in Miami, and the result has been that if we don't take really substantial action right now, I think it's pretty clear the trajectory is going to be something we can control. The weaker many beaches across Southern California are also closed. Legal maneuvering underway trying to stop this month's first executions of federal prisoners and several years white supremacist Daniel Lee's schedule to receive a lethal injection at a federal prison in Indiana a week from Monday it killed a family of three, including an eight year old girl in Arkansas. But his attorneys have asked the judge to delay his execution until next spring. At least Thing. They can't properly serve their client not exposing themselves to health risks because of the Corona virus. Ah, spiritually advisor to Wesley Ira Perky, has filed his own lawsuit. Saying the government is putting him at risk by scheduling an execution during a pandemic. Perky, raped and murdered a 16 year old girl in 1998. His execution has been stayed temporarily by the federal appeals court. Jack Callahan. Fox News, the MBA getting set to resume its season at the end of the month after a long pandemic delay. The MBA is set to return to play at the end of this month and weak, has now released a schedule for scrimmages between teams in the week leading up to the restart. The scrimmage schedule begins Wednesday, July 22nd with Los Angeles. Vers facing the Orlando Magic scrimmages will see teams playing opponents in the opposite conference or ones they are unlikely to face in the first round of the playoffs. All three arenas at the ESPN wide world of sports complex will be used with anywhere between three and six scrimmages played per day leading up to the start of seeding games on July 30th. Ryan Mayor Fox News and I'm Joe Cheer Fox. From the news radio 1000 Katie Okay, Weather center and the Poor Warren Storm team clear tonight warm alot of 72 on Sunday. Partly cloudy We have a 20%.

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