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Hey, guys. Been a little while. Sorry had do that little vacation last week. Get ready Notre Dame plays Michigan. And after snow. You guys saw a big deal this week in college game day. Was there some stuff was going on we won? So all is. Well, so I can come back. I can show my face round here for at least a little while getting into the rest of the college football season. More plenty to go in the college football world coming up we had the last bit of college football's week one I know we had week zero. But this the true kickoff weekend for college football. Florida state and Virginia Tech were nightcap last night. And now the one thing I had in my mind all day on Sunday as I waited around. We had Miami LSU Sunday night as part of college football and rightly show expanding to fill the void and opening weekend. But man, I sat around all day Sunday and just got excited because I knew next weekend. So this weekend that Saturday and Sunday would be complete full blocks of football. Devon's villain in this morning producing with us. Mimicked the exact sort of expression, I had which is this overwhelming joy that all day Saturday. I'm going to be able to camp out on my couch and watch college football. And then I will wake up and Sunday morning. I will watch Sunday NFL countdown all the way leading up and then me Scott Hanson NFL red zone. Collision course, the only better thing was if we were on the west coast off wake up it's ten AM in football's already on I tell you there really is no time of year. When I am more jealous of our west coast brethren the now, you were you roll into that think about Saturday morning, Saturday morning, noon kickoff, you have games starting at nine AM on Saturday on the west coast, and you wake up on Sunday. And you get to watch Scott Hanson on the red zone channel starting at ten in the morning. Man, look what God did first and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Now, one guy you will not be able to watch. Well, actually this morning is the story of two guys that you may not be able to get watch week one in the NFL the first one being levian bell. Who still has not reported to the Pittsburgh Steelers? Now, our own Jeremy Fowler ESPN Steelers reporter joins sportscenter and talked about the potential ramifications for on bell. Who remember got the franchise tag again this year and has not yet signed his franchise tender and rejoined the team. So he's not technically under contract right now. But there are still some very serious ramifications. If he does decide that showing up for regular season games is not something. He's all that into Jeremy Fowler last night. So you're looking at almost a million a week here. Fourteen point five million dollars franchise tag tender split up over seventeen NFL weeks eight hundred fifty three thousand per week. So even Bell's looking. Longterm trying to preserve his health that a serious coin to walk away from and really the Steelers want to act brashly they could resend that tag this week. If he doesn't show up don't think they wanna do that though, they want to work something out. We say that. And we just watched Khalil Mack traded to the bears. Were it feels like a different time because love EON bell was sitting there and has been forgotten for the last couple of weeks outside of I'm sure the city of Pittsburgh the rest of us. I looked up when I saw this news the other day and went oh, yeah. That was the other one we were forgetting about for so long that was Khalil Mack. And then he burst back onto the scene with the biggest and most obscure version of this story possible of the off season hold out of the big contracts that were getting doled out, and now Lebanon bell has been sitting here. Now, very quietly Levy on bell made a lotta noise this spring. We heard from him on his social media accounts. We heard about this situation a number of different regards. Anyone quiet and all training camp. It hasn't really been much in the way of levian bell. Really not really since he released that distract earlier in the summer. And now we get to the point where he has been sitting around and watching player after player, especially in the last couple of weeks get paid set new marks for their position guys. He's right in line with like levian bell. The peers that Levy on bell looks out at our Aaron Rodgers Oto Beckham junior Aaron Donald Khalil Mack. Those are his guys that is his class of NFL player. Position leading. Franchise altering kind of players. That's who he's watched get paid while he has sat on the sideline. And watch the Steelers continue to value him in the way that he sees fit. Now his Pittsburgh Steelers. Teammates, interesting responses to Levy on Belle's absence. Here's the guys that are tasked with blocking for love EON bell. Pittsburgh Steelers guard Ramon foster responding to Levy on bell being there who you're talking about. I.

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