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The offense or one name i like and it'll be interesting to see if the jaguars keep him around his alan robinson who could potentially is coming off a knee injury so someone i could see uh not not command a whole lot of money but i imagine the jaguars of may franchise him he somebody's put up a tawny yards before he got hurt and i think he he could be a potential target jarvis landry miami's another name i will say though the wide receiver list and free agency and the draft this isn't a great year so that's working against the bears its there's no at alshara jeffrey may have been once again the biggest name among the wide receivers but the eagles locked him up but that's it tells you kind of the situation that that it is this year in free agency i'll is he t the the thing about alshar jeffrey he wasn't chicago bear sure of you're aware of this house my point hit a mock they did have him i mean that's a threat again i i'm available if you want to throw that out there to brian pace in the aggie tomorrow at him at the press guy what time is the presser to borrow the if they announced their yet i know us i'm assuming knowing the bears the let us know by one eight one thirty here let they get around who had i this is really something because i think a lot of bears fans and i kept myself in this group thought that there was no opportunity here because if there is some talent on the team there are obviously some holes receiver that's a big hole and that's an important hall but there's some optimism because he got a you've got a rookie quarterback that the rest of the nfl seems to also agree has real great potential well we thought that about rex roseman to an end in a race richman every durable career he just never popped into superstardom but he had but he was a verbal player is is on defense lot of pieces a lot of he's zan defense he got amin in all you got akim hicks you've got you've got guys who are gonna be uh you know you got you have the potential for the pro bowler sect i don't they may need some some linebackers which it which makes his very interesting you know the the i love the eye.

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