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Well by TS. Happy to be with you here on this February 9th and not looking forward to talking to petty south street today, some trip handicapping talk. Little bias talk. I want to ask him about gallop outs, something he tweeted about recently, something I never talk about. And never really look at, but I know a few handicappers who it's definitely a part of their puzzle in their information that they like to get. So I want to ask him about that. You know, it's funny. I realized as an announcer, like the second, the second I call whoever finished fourth or 5th, depending if there's a super high 5 in that wager like I click right off. I have to look down to click off my mic, right? Because I obviously need to get off air. And usually I have to take an exhale, a little breath, get myself together. And then they're already galloped out. And I always like to look at the graphic at Tampa at least of when they post the pools after the gallop out and so that's kind of the next thing I'll look at. But my reasoning for it, I guess, is I'm like, well, if they're not, if the jocks aren't pushing on them, like, is there anything to glean? Because if they're really not being asked anymore and so really curious to ask any about that because it is something he's mentioned and obviously doing tripped out handicapping for a living. He's looking into any and all parts involved in the trip. So looking forward to that conversation that will be coming up here in just a couple of minutes. Of course, tomorrow we will start to look ahead to a busy weekend. We got entries coming out today for the Sam F Davis, looking forward to that to expect in a big field. I saw Marty McGee said classic causeway expected to now come over for that race. He was he's one of maiden debut and then his subsequently been hit the board a couple of times against some very, very good horses. And so nice one there. We have, I think, make it big for safi Joseph who won the springboard mile, undefeated the three for three. Golden glider was a nice allowance winner here. Still a little bit green, very lightly raced, but I think there's some talent there from Mark Cassie, and then nest, I guess who won the demoiselle at a mile an 8th is going to come over for the sun coast. So we get at the old TBD. We'll talk about that on tomorrow's show. I know we're off the turf already. We are recording on Tuesday and it's been just pouring rain all day. That's your Tampa weather update here. I'm in clear water, so I'm a little bit I'm over by the beach. Which the beaches was not nearly as exciting when it's gray and Claudia. It loses a lot of its luster. But yeah, looking forward to a big weekend coming up here and some other spots as well. Of course, San Anita kind of in the meat potatoes of their, you know, they seem like they got good stakes races coming up each weekend. We'll talk about some of those. This weekend, they have the suite life on Saturday. We never get to talk about Sunday races really anymore unless it's something that draws way far out. Even when we had the Friday show, Sunday races were tough because the entries would come out Thursday late afternoon and it's like, you know, no morning line, no, you know this, but like you know some big races run on Sunday. The queens played always used to but I think didn't they move it now to mostly Saturdays. I forget. It's also el Camino real Derby day. Hopefully we'll get to talk a little bit about that. That's another one where the West Coast, the entries come out so late that I don't know if I'll get a chance to look much at it, but I want to give mention to the el Camino. I got to go to the el Camino real Derby last year. Which was very, very funny. I love Golden Gate fields. I've said that on this show many times, I know you guys have heard me say it many times. I really do get a kick out of going there. I think it's a really fun race track to visit and I always try to give them a shout out. The Gulf Stream park TERF sprint coming up this weekend and then Oakland's got a couple of big races. The razorback, which is $600,000 for the older route runners and the buy co a quarter $1 million for the older Philly may runners. Same grade, same division one female one male and one runs for 350,000 more than the others, man. Good to be a good to have a male horse, right? Jeez. What do they call harness? Don't they call like the three year old, I forget if it's trotter to pace, but they call like glitter boys or glamour boys or something? And I don't know why, but I'm assuming it's just because that's like a marquee division. I mean, obviously three year old boys because of The Kentucky Derby in the Magna what the hell was I going to say? Not magnification. Some of you are screaming at your radius right now. It's this dummy. Magnitude. Boom. Got it. The magnitude of the Derby, you were screaming magnitude at the radio, weren't you? Admit it. Minute. Yeah, so. A couple other news things around the world of racing. You know, dark day Tuesday on Twitter, so everybody was fight with everybody else, but I didn't see the NHC NHC kinchen thing has been very strange to watch play out. As I said when it first happened, my initial reaction was like, okay, well, just DQ from the tournament, he broke the rules and it's over. And I kind of thought that would be the case. And then a lot of stuff got into, as I said, we hit talk recently, the optics of things. And I get that and, you know, he issued his statement and the NRA should understand why they issued another one today saying, but it's so funny. They don't name him, which is like, well, who cares about the statement unless people know who it is? Like, who cares if somebody suspended if we don't know who it is? I mean, obviously we all know who it is. But it's just kind of strange, but said he suspended for two years from the NHC and NHC tour. I just found the whole the whole thing. Start to finish with just kind of weird. I will say it did make for some funny memes on Twitter. There's a guy I follow. His name's crazy George or something on Twitter, but he was having a field day with all the you know he likes to do photoshops and stuff. And he did one and it was like right after the news of all this stuff came out. And you know, I've always got along with Jonathan. You know, I don't really have, I don't have any beefs with him, and he made a mistake. That's kind of my thing on this. I don't know how awful it was or what, but that's for other people to decide. But he was a Photoshop. It was a, it was the movie poster. It just kills me. It was the movie poster from leaving Las Vegas with Elizabeth shooting Nicolas Cage and he left Elizabeth shoe on there and he has leaving Las Vegas on there. He Photoshop Jonathan's face over Nicolas Cage's face on the thing..

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