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Hi Mike the office of a Chicago house party gone wrong thirteen people shot on the windy city southside police say inside the house party there was a dispute people started spilling out into the street shots were fired at people in and around the house thirteen people were shot ranging in age from sixteen to forty eight years old police say the scene was so frantic some people didn't realize they had been hit with a bullet fox's mac fan the Senate is waiting for the house speaker Nancy Pelosi to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate Missouri Republican senator Roy blunt says pelo sees stalling I actually don't think the speaker who has great power in a lot of cases I has the power to decide not to send over my determined will of the house of representatives they have voted they have voted on too articles they need to come and defend those two articles want on CBS's face the nation America is listening to fox news and the thirty five minutes James person in newsmax will be here but the two counts of impeachment to not communicating yet to the Senate which is an abuse of power by itself since Nancy Pelosi once a quid pro quo did your constitutional duty and I had a question from Kentucky in a few minutes ago of course not there should be no witnesses in the Senate because you have no idea how this witness is going to testify they're going to claim executive privilege are going to claim attorney client privilege it goes back to the court system takes many months whatever it is just get it over with do this to have the same rules and twenty twenty that the Democrats agreed to in nineteen ninety nine so let's continue now thousands on hold millions are listening let's go to has been there the longest coda Tony in New York on impeachment and then Christian Clyde Joe Edward Mike and many others and Tony New York welcome to the bill Cunningham show Tony how are you Gloria all to the bill I'm doing while you're great American thank you for doing what you're doing thank you thank you I also want to thank you for paying homage to Roger saw back come I think he was a great American when he served continues to be one and I say that as a follow American and also the Dallas Cowboys fan as well I mean I on that point I grew up watching him he went to Purcell high school is that it offers to go very very sell their skills he wanted to serve the nation they want to a course went to the Naval Academy he won the Heisman Trophy Joe Bellino wanted before these guys are there it was wonderful to watch all the cadets and midshipmen sang the star spangled banner watch the president be praised and so the media had to come up with something to smear the whole operation by making something up that did not happen and when the mainstream media wants to report lies about white supremacy symbols at the army navy game which was the circle game a bunch of crap I should say now wait a minute as a possible they did not intend to give white super I mean who in their right mind would think that on national television at that event that mid ship mentor cadets would give a white supremacist symbol only the mainstream media would believe that's a possibility when it turned out to be false in a light was the circle game not white supremacy the media drop that never apologize they never apart it talk about a truck never apologizing did you hear from Lester Holt Jim skewed all poppy Harlow or George Stephanopoulos or Gayle king they were wrong for days to care reporting that could dancers symbols of white supremacy are you kidding me they dropped it immediately when it was a live much like Nick salmon that was cross examined by Savannah Guthrie the today show has somehow participating in white supremacy and showing disrespect to a Vietnam War hero that being that Nathan Phillips character when it turned out to be a lie they dropped it completely when Jesse small lad who said he was walking around Chicago late at night and Megan had wearing white supremacist put a noose around his neck who would believe such things happening in the first place in Chicago but when it turn out to be a lie the media drops these things quickly when there's murder of Jews in Philadelphia by members of the black Hebrew nation part of the group protesting in the next ten minutes and by the way when it showed it wasn't white supremacist they quickly drop that one is Pensacola with the first guy was Mohammed that did the shooting they drop that anything that fits their bias and prejudice they promote doesn't thank nor please continue going more agree more I want to get your opinion on a part of that I have I don't think pillows the ever intended to present the articles to the Senate and I think what you're going to do to do is use McConnell statement about how he he he it made it that you know he's not biased and he's going to a quick trial I I think she's going to turn around and try to shut down can people stroke that she's not bringing the articles because McConnell already said the the the the the trials rig and that gives her exactly what she wants is the ability to speak to her allies on contested as they've grown that they've done all along so I think she's getting exactly what she wants Tony do you think the democratic candidates for the presidency in the US Senate should not said in the Senate during the trial now I like to have someone say if you're one of the three or four US senators running for the presidency is it prejudicial for you to sit in judgment of the president if you're gonna personally benefit the answer would be yes no one's talking of course but no one is saying to them Hey senator Warren you have to step down Hey senator Bernie Sanders you got to step down it doesn't happen that way because those are Democrats say play by a different set of rules in nineteen ninety nine Democrats the senators Democrats work with the Clinton White House to develop a strategy and how to present it the Democrats in ninety nine did exactly what the Republicans are doing now but the media didn't care about that today absolutely not why we're working with and in close to dispute the laws of the state and tell me how much collusion did CNN provide for the front for the Hillary campaign against trump they're in the collusion business that's what they do is collude with the Democrats to promote the democratic talking points how much collusion took place between Hillary and the creators of the falls dossier to get dirt on drop in Moscow with that peeing in the bed incident with the hookers that's what the Democrats do they how much collusion did the F. B. I. do and the CIA due to elect Hillary Clinton and have the insurance policy didn't they exactly engaging collusion and isn't right now isn't Hillary Clinton colluding with Chuck Schumer on a quid pro quo and they called abuse of power when trump does nothing but they're engaging in the abuse of power good to great you're more how how how much collusion is there were every damn Democrat when they get out office school who works for the local reporters are you online my good friend mark live then wrote a book on that three hundred circumstances where Liberal Democrats go from an administration whether it's bomber Clinton into the media like Jim studio that goes back to the to make money then because back out then goes back to Harvard or whatever the make all this big big Jack to make big money the collusion happens region the mainstream media and Democrats thank tanks law schools and when they did three witnesses that testified that trump was guilty number fact witnesses how can a law professor testified as to the guilt of someone on impeachment when in fact they didn't see anything it's an opinion how is that possible exactly exactly which which is why I don't think she wants these articles in a full trial to go to the Senate because ninety nine point nine if not a hundred percent above their wives will be fully exposed well I hope so but the American people will be told this Alicia listen to talk radio ever occasionally I mean right now Chris Wallace is completely lost his way I I have no clue what happened to that guy but none the less fox news generally about half the time gives us Hey if I want to watch CNN all watch CNN which I do on occasion I don't have to watch Chris Wallace to watch CNN I want a different view point of what the news CNN is not a news operation is not the most trusted name in news it is ridiculous CNN news Max is a pretty good job one American network does a pretty good job but fox has lost its way because they think that the money's in the future of being somehow more liberal and that's fine to Europe whatever business model you want but that would be one source I can go to to get the truth I don't get it from the mainstream media that and see if that is not a news operation I'm sorry it is not they can do what they want to do but don't call yourself differently than you truly are that's my only point thanks for your call and now let's go to Joe in Pennsylvania Joe in Pennsylvania welcome to the bill Cunningham show thank you for your patience so go ahead yes so thank you for taking my call and merry Christmas I'm calling because she's holding on to that impeachment because she's trying to get those Republicans in the Senate to go against trump and if she doesn't get him she's going to wait for the election in the she takes the Senate the Democrats take the Senate the big denture set a mobile and then there really impeach Jonas gonna see if there's an impeachment and there's not a trial is a not an abuse of power and in fact since the Senate is the only the only place to have a trial isn't it a quid pro quo which is unconstitutional to to to not send the impeachment articles over until Schumer and hello see collude together to screw drop in the Senate isn't out of quid pro quo by itself is not an abuse of power yes but you see how they don't care about the constitution we lost the constitution the way what you're doing bill good people in America kinda like lost what can we do to fight back the only thing we got is a ball well what what can we do well what's wrong with the vote in November what's wrong with saying if the silly Democrats wanted to say we're going to have oversight hearings that's fine do what you're going to do oversight put it on the rack whatever how you will then let's vote but they they want to take away your right to vote in November by taking away your selection for the presidency and they want to decide for you who's in the office now that's voter suppression right there when they cry about it all the time it's voter suppression joke yeah that is true but look what you're doing and no one is holding them accountable I don't see anyone going to jail call me everybody should be in jail Carper Brennan in jail long time ago what's going on it doesn't work if you're a democratic don't worry hi Gerry if the Republican or if you.

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