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The coming decades where they could be engineer to be more transmissible virulent are resistant to medical countermeasures that something that we think about um because we feel that that could cut posed a severe panoramic risk and it's highly relevant to our interests in low probably hi consequence events that were particularly concerned with the great thank you both so much for being with us let me just we were from jamie yes if oath open philanthropy project biosecurity and pandemic preparedness program officer and marissa's tale new york city deputy commissioner of mercy preparedness and response moderator for this segment dr tom ingles be with johns hopkins center for health security retreated okay and think hey my name is results and i am a curator at this month apology at the national museum of natural history where you are where we have the wonderful mission of understanding the natural world and the place of humans within it one of the great privileges of being a scientist on in this job is our connection our service to the public at the smithsonian it's our mandate on not only to increase knowledge but to defuse it and so with our exhibits for example we reach millions of people a year i am of the lead curator on exhibit snowdons that serves a critical function on a public communication about pandemic risks and threats it's called outbreak um epidemics in connected world and it opens in may next year outbreak places on influenza and others were not viruses you bola ceca hanta uh nepa murders sars and hiv in an ecological context we present human health animal health and environmental health i as one health and show how pandemics can result from a failure to recognize and the respect that connectedness so we do this with stories um at demonstrate the principles of one house i'm not where human impacts on animal health or belmont environmental health can be linked to impacts on human health such as in a virus spilling over from wildlife or livestock and causing an outbreak we explain the human drivers the activities that spread disease such as global travel and trade and how they can cause alberic anywhere and threaten the health of people everywhere we showed the effects of a pandemic on human health and society and the kinds of efforts needed to fight back i am by science and activism and healthcare and policy.

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