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The on again off again bromance between President Trump and Republican Senator elect Mitt Romney is off again after Romney slams Trump in the Washington Post op Ed correspondent saga megani? With the latest volley on the Tinton wins ring central Newsline, seven years ago. Trump endorsed Romney's presidential rod is tough. He's smart. He Scharping Donald Trump's magnificent hotel and having his endorsement is a delight. But when Trump ran the as neither the temperament nor the judgment to be President Trump reminded him. What happened in twenty twelve dogged Romney changed his tune after Trump won and considered him for secretary of state. He continues with a message bringing people together Romney road yesterday, the Washington Post, he hoped the president would rise to the occasion, but says he's characters. Lacking. Saga megani at the White House. Yeah. Romney says in the two years Trump has been in office. He has not risen to the mantle of the office. Trump responded as this guy of flake some calling that a veiled shot at the retiring. Arizona Republican Senator Jeff flake who had been taking Trump to the woods set in his last few months in office, but guess who has taken size with the president mitt Romney's niece Brana McDaniel who call Rodney's criticism of Trump disappointing and unproductive, but then some say McDaniel had to make that position you happens to be the chair of the Republican National Committee. Sad news from the wrestling world today, where we learn hall of fame WWE announcer mean gene Oakland has died was Aaron Katersky now heavyweight champion of the world hulk HOGAN during the wrestling resurgence of the nineteen eighty s standing alongside hulk HOGAN Jesse Ventura and Andre the giant booze mean, Jean ochre world's biggest professional athlete, Andre the giant WWE called Oakland. The most recognizable interviewer in sports entertainment history. His broadcasting career in wrestling began in nineteen seventy and his last appearance on WWE TV came a year ago. Oakland was born in South Dakota and spent his later years in Florida before his death at the age of seventy six Okinawan, given the name means gene about the sports star turned former Minnesota governor Jesse the body Ventura wins news time.

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