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It's punishing all the women who are competing because now whoever wins kind of has like an asterix next to their victory because she was really the favourite. So it's it's punishing everybody in robbing them of their shot. The the thing. That's so infuriating. About joe biden. Having the nerve to say the rules are the rules is that joe biden is the e living archetype the architect of the war on drugs the most influential member. That is still around today. And i understand. This isn't a law but to act like these rules aren't influenced by the last. Four years of american federal legal policy on marijuana would be absurd joe biden in the eighty s challenged ronald reagan from his right. He partnered up with strom thurman to challenge ronald reagan for being too soft on crime. He was if you will so my i. It seems like a pretty reasonable response to me. I was just making the point. That for joe biden to come out and be like well. She shouldn't smoke pot. Rules are the rules. It's like well. I understand your black ladies. That's clear that biden will not support black women athletes. Look i'm just saying if you have a history of being the architect of the war on drugs and making the rules that locked people up for marijuana. I mean there are still right now. There are thousands of people who are doing life in prison for marijuana charges and lots of people who have done jail time and are currently doing jail time. I mean do you know. Thousands and thousands of people's lives ruined Probably in the hundreds of thousands just for pot and you know for you to come out and say the rules are the rules. It's like well look. You're the guy who wrote these rules or lobbied for them. Lobby might not be the right term. He was a senator the whole time but really actively pressured everybody as i was just giving a little bit of the history on this let joe biden actually was was to ronald reagan's right in terms of being a advocating for the harshest of the war on drugs policy. And this is just a fact. This is joe biden all through the eighties and nineties. So i was just making the point. That like yeah. I mean if we're gonna talk about now had this woman's like Like aspirations olympic dreams have been ruined over pot which i think every person noses ridiculous Then there's joe biden just saying well rules are. The rules is is pretty outrageous now. I didn't think that would be anything that would particularly trigger a liberal democrat. Most of them in general seemed to kind of agree with that So i was not. I was not expecting what What came next. But this was mr hans response every minor drug men and the nine s evolved on this issue on this issue. Tell me ask kristi. Noem is and other right wing conservatives in this country this woman out the race isn't jaber legalize. Marijuana is is the entire democratic established. So let's be clear turkey not reschedule their right by the way chris right chris right into people to love new. Please love me. Let me hit joe biden. Please love me look. This woman should be allowed to race. What are you won't chris. Her literally saying. I didn't claim that this was his current position. I'm saying she is responsible for what he did. In the past and what. He didn't pass his evil. Enslaved millions of people that means something. That may not mean anything to you but it does mean something he more. And i'm sorry. Dave i agree. It's positions. I agree as position to pass this raw. He has evolved on that position at the gop right now for her out of your mind. Dave smith has sistance and authentic positions on freedom and liberty of anyone in radio. He does not come on y'all or any other shows to one unlike you because you are pedaling false sense right now about jokic reason test in your garbage take on the ladder shave not once kennedy for one second. Donald trump mom kristi. Noem your let me just say this real quick info crumbs for what he did to the people of yemen. How's that for taking on the right. Don't you're just defending your democratic president. I actually stand on principle. What am i. Stand against the democrats on coal me out like that i. I'm sorry i stood. I stood people calling out the declaration of independence in the first act to this show. Have you watched it back since it happened. That was pretty. I mean look dude. I understand like part of the thing is just that cable. News is such a like ridiculous platform. Like it's just it's so silly the whole thing. Don't get me wrong. Because kennedy is so good like she is. She does the best you can do with it. I mean if you listen to like her her monologues and her like topical storm segment like. She's funny she's informative. She's right about almost every single issue but for type of like back and forth like that. It's all just. It's very strange when you exist in the world of podcasting and you'll just have for anything you're gonna do. I mean i've done a lot of debates and a lot of podcasts and a lot of these shows and it'll be like okay. We have like a couple hours to get to this subject. You know that everyone's going to be able to make their points. Everyone's going to have to hear the other person's points grapple with them. This just becomes like this shouting fest and free for all. But i mean it can be useful. You can get big. You can get important things out in a short amount of time and there's something about that that is valuable so i don't mean to dismiss it entirely all right guys. 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