John Kerry, Vietnam, Barack Obama discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Welcome back Rush Limbaugh half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair while we meet and that C. surpass all audience expectations every day well it it it I've it mentioned moments ago that John Kerry who served in Vietnam has at least I'm told I I haven't actually seen I'm totally officially endorse plugs job right now Austin Goolsby remember that name Austin goals may who was on the council of economic advisers from Barack Obama's come out and it endorsed mayor Pete I think what's happening is that many of the homosexual members of the Obama administration actually gonna wooden doors mayor Pete Reggie love has endorsed mayor doesn't name Reggie love well here's what it says are democratic presidential hopeful Pete what a judge affectionately known as mayor Pete scored endorsements from three a former Obama administration officials his campaign set today including firmly ex presidents personal ed the N. body man Reggie love what body man means is that Reggie love wherever Bonnell went Reggie love was there M. Voree where Obama went even more than the secret service former council economic advisors chairman Austin Goolsby and former director of communications from the White House office of health reform to Linda Douglass are also backing mayor bait the endorsement from Reggie love who is African American is no word for mayor Pete who has been putting more energy into war wearing black voters after struggling to connect with them so far in this campaign season that's true mayor having trouble with African American Democrats and getting the they support the endorsement of Obama's body man Reggie love that would appear to be big deal.

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