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Has announced its going to postpone all fall sports, including football. The announcement this morning by Mac Commissioner John Steinbrecher. Was made for the health and well being of the athletes. It would be naive to say that you don't give thought and consideration to what the final financial ramifications of any decision are. But this was a health and wellbeing decision. First and foremost, the Mid American Conference becomes the first FBS conference the cancel football altogether. This means no football for schools like Bowling Green, Toledo, Miami, Ohio University, Kent State and the University of Akron. Meantime, fall camp has begun for Ohio State's football team things skiing a little different this year because of the pandemic. They have tents for outdoor meetings to small groups practice on the field and players stay in their own homes. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says he will also have some guidance on full sports for high schools next week. On Friday, the Ohio High School Athletic Association said it wanted to shorten the high school football season 26 games would also make every school eligible for the play offs, like in many other sports Covered wine will be given another Colbert 19 test today to determine whether or not he got a false positive on Thursday. The governor's first test was a fast and urgent test the 2nd 1 in Columbus theme or comprehensive PCR test, and the governor wants to make it quite clear to people about the accuracy of the two tests. So you learn you learn every experience in life you learn. On going through that experience yesterday. Push my head down right in it and said, Hey, you know, let's look at this reliability of this stash. Medical experts are calling the second test that the governor was given the gold standard and say it's the one that is primarily used for testing for Copan, 19. I'm Tom more filling your news feed with the top Trending news. Bottom of the hour. Columbus is used is on news Radio 6 10 W TV END all pillows and mattresses may look the same, but they are created.

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