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From NPR and W bur I'm Scott Tong. And I'm talking. Mostly it's here. And now voters in California are answering to questions today. Should Governor Gavin Newsom be removed from office, and if so, who should take his place? Millions of Californians have already cast their ballots in this closely watched recall election. It's a rare chance for Republicans to seize control in a deep blue state. Cap radios. Chris Nichols has the latest Chris Welcome. Hi. Great to be here. Great to have you There's this narrative tug of war, so to speak on what this recall is actually about. Can you remind us why this particular recall effort picked up steam? Well, this recall effort picked up steam, probably because of Newsom's strict covid policies. The supporters of the recall say that the governor went too far when it comes to mask mandates business closures during the pandemic, but I think it's also important to remember That this specific recall effort actually started before the pandemic. So Newsom has had certainly opponents. Republicans don't agree with his policies. Across the board, not just as covid restrictions right? Republicans say it's about the issues and how Newsom has governed. The state Democrats say it's an attempt by Republicans to actually take over the state of California. You've been talking to voters. What are you hearing about the basis of their vote? What is this recall really about for them? I have. I spoke this morning with 39 year old Woodland, California resident Justin Smith. He says that the governor's handling of the pandemic really influenced his Yes. Vote on the recall. I think we've seen the strictest lockdowns pretty much in the country, My mom. Took her life in February, largely because of the anxiety.

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