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The mayor of boston cannot mandate rent control. These are issues. The state must address after a preliminary that broke ground for the city and hearts in many boston neighborhoods. Meanwhile the massachusetts national guard is driving school buses. Here's drew damian director of transportation and facility rental at palmer public schools. We have parents that are worried about children. You have elderly folks that worried about themselves and this caused the cataclysmic shortage of people to transport our students back and forth to school and a devastating death unbroken stairs massive budget shortfalls facing the tea. While infrastructure funding hangs in the balance and congress. Here's massachusetts congressman. Bill keating it was put together with such a fragile grouping of senators. I don't think that can be changed because we run the risk if we change that sent it back to the senate of that falling apart. I do believe we'll be able to cobble enough support on the democratic side for a reconciliation package. Let's talk about it starting with the mayor's race in boston. This is our first chance this week to hear from you. And we want to hear from you about what you make of the outcome. Is this a battle between old and new boston. Or between an idealist pragmatist. Did the city leap forward or did voters proving are actually ready to support black leadership. Tell us what you think. Join our panelists. One eight hundred four to three eight two five five. That's one eight hundred four to three talk week. Tweet us at radio boston with us this week. Marie francis rivera president of the massachusetts budget and policy center and jim sturgess executive director of the pioneer institute. Marie welcome murray francis. Welcome back thank you. Happy to be on and jim. Welcome back to you to to be with you. So we're going to start with this race and refrain. Says i want to stay right at the top that you are personally supporting michelle. Woo in this race but are not working for a campaign correct. Correct all right so any surprises in the results of this preliminary to you. I really wasn't surprised. I had wished that the turnout had been higher but i feel like the election in this election. Cycle was a real opportunity to focus on the candidates but really more deeply focused on the issue. And what i saw you know. Since the spring of this year we're just very rich. Conversations countless community forms and connections. That happened between people. That really had all of us reflect. On what the assets are in our city and come up with solutions together. So jim do you Share murray francis's lack of surprise sort of an emphasis on the issues I was really surprised by One thing in that is the low turnout. I guess what this is There's no more excitement in this race. Just from the perspective of a number of people voted one hundred seven thousand then. There were four years ago when mayor walsh was running against tito jackson and i think a lot of people figured that race was pretty much in the bag for the incumbent mayor at that time so having a lack of excitement that time i guess i could understand to some degree but this when you had a historic race with All of the candidates of color many women instill bets that sort of with d'argent voting level. I mean Michelle who got.

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