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At that point we put in the prescription and send you a new pair of glasses. We had come up with the idea of the home. Try on program because in the work that we're doing, prelaunch, we kept getting feedback from our friends. It's like Hey, I don't know if I would buy glasses online. I don't want to touch and feel them. I want to see how they look on my face. Eh? So we thought that you know home try on would get over that hurdle. The other things. We were very committed to customer service and were inspired by you know some of the policies of Suppose, for example, which you always have free shipping and free returns on Gui had learned at that point in time that suppose had, like 40% return rates, and we would never have a viable business with a custom product like glasses. If we had return rates that high because you basically someone returns a pair of glasses, you have to trash the lenses. So we have this home trying program and within 48 hours of launch, we ran out of inventory because so many people had order their home try ons. And then a funny thing happened where people heard that we were in Philadelphia because we were going to warden and they said, Hey, can we come to your office to try and glasses like we can't do a home trying because you're stocked up? But can we at least come into your office? We're like, um, you could come to our apartment our apartment in South Philly. Go to the bull more and have fun after that. Yeah, That's awesome. Literally. We said, you know what the hell that zoo we had five people come in. We wanted to limit it to five people, too. So if this was such an awkward experience that we would only destroy the brand's reputation with five people think Philadelphia had the second highest murder rate in the country at the time, so inviting strangers into our home. Exactly way, you know, move the dining room table. Put the glasses across. It moved a mirror. We took out our laptop. So if people selected a pair of glasses, they would literally check out on our website and the first five people came in. They were definitely confused because they saw us there. They saw some of the first folks that we hired scrunched on our couch type vehicle, a process of quarters and responding to customer emails, But it was this. Pretty special experience, because how often do you get to peek behind the curtain of a startup? And we remember vividly that there was one person who was in scrubs. They were a resident at the hospital, the University of Pennsylvania. They bought a pair of glasses and then literally over the next week, we saw 15 more orders come in with email addresses from the hospital, the University of Pennsylvania so we thought, like, Oh, like This is a great way to also acquire knew. Absolutely. That is so cool. We'll get back to our interview with the co CEOs of Warby Parker, Dave Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal and Justice second. Hey, why did you do this during the break head on over to Jill on money dot com and just bookmark it. All the stuff is there for you Whenever you need it, Jill on money dot com will be right back. Hi. It's Jamie Progresses. Employee of the month, two months in a row. Leave a message at the Hi Jamie with me, Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song. What the name your price tool. So when it's like, tell us what you want to pay. Hey, trombone was Baa, Baa baa And you say we'll help you find curvature options to fit your budget. Then we just all do. Finger snaps will acquire goes statement.

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