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Facetime our producers the velten lean dream that is in burrell yell at him his arms are huge benching overrated anyway left and that's how you know this dude is is straight up like he's great shape it's overrated to me i'm like isn't that how people measure isn't that how in shape talk to each other benching like no you don't even know your even know what's behind that velvet muscle curtain some lift your free weights you'll be fine you don't need to do all that you heard it straight from the felton lean horse's mouth producer maximum fund is laura swisher mike eagles the voice behind our theme music so we're putting them over for that keep up with us all week long at facebook dot com slash group slash tights fights and tights fights on twitter and as of tuesday afternoon the actual biggest news in wrestling was the beginning of the tights and fights instagram vacation for that wwe on keeping for instagram that's a big deal hey if you love the show if you love the show remember to hit five stars on apple podcasts and leave reviews reviews on apple podcasts how you get merch i'll say it one more time reviews on apple podcasts is how you get merck i want to give you merch somebody thank you so much to all the members of maximum funding who make this show possible through their contributions we'll be back for more you guessed it wrastling.

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