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No problem. I will. All right. All right said. Thanks. Let's go to Jason Jason. Hello. How you just find? Jason could you in three words or less? Tell us the highlights of your weekend. Gen. One word. Jim. I think in Japan. Oh, good. Did you? Okay. So that's three words gin and track. So that's how you did in Indiana. Well, good for you all weekend. Good for you. Jason. Are you feeling okay? Today. Oh, fine. Okay. You did just to write a man. All right. Thanks jas. Jason. Some other texting and chatroom people water heater repair. I turned eighteen I can buy dry ice. Now. By dry ice. If you're. Dangerous. Let's see lady raccoon here had a magical date night, much-needed sushi and movie. Nice new Spiderman movie, which one Golden Globe for best animated feature. Ready Guana family dinner who that sounds good. Let's see red dead redemption. That was mine as well. Carry the coordinator. I love sleep bus driver. Allison. I love sleep that doesn't mean you got any hope you got big city SLC in baby Peter survived the flu. Tim the tree guy nap time and my favorite Denver F, O P checking in lesbian, love triangle. Well, that was the best thing that triangle is usually a bad thing love triangle is usually well, if there's if there's a lesbian involved that might be kind of nice. So it's it's a little weird for us because we're in this insulated part of the valley here in Salt Lake where there's not much going on. But apparently down south end up north Dylan said he got high centered coming out of his driveway with so much snow. I'm hearing Utah county bogged in passer, avalanches. Yeah. So now, I'm not seeing any accidents reported right now. But just so you're aware canyons or having their their four wheel drive or chain restrictions right now, and you're going to need some extra time if you're coming from either north or south to come to downtown Salt Lake once you get to either point of the mountain it looks like it's fine. But we will have snow off and on throughout your morning commute. That's traffic. Thank you very much. Let's see we've got coming up very important sports with Edward k brass and we got news coming up, and I think the world's gone crazy. Really? I think. Yeah. I think pretty much all we can do now is just sit back and watch the man in the White House and regarded as a comedy show. No, no, it's that's all I can do is laugh. All right. We got news next sports as well. All on the way, you care. I do I do I care about the air. Yes. I do care about the air, you care dot org. Now, that's how you say it spell it out though. It's you see a are. I'll go there now dot war. We're air quality, of course, impacts everybody. It's bad for the environment is bad for our health. I keep struggling with this post nasal drip. I think is aggravated Harley people have health issue now. Now, we just storm blow it out, and you think oh great. I can breathe. We need to we need to take care of the air. Even when it looks nice like here are some of the things you.

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