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Even David Backes for goodness sakes every now and then you need him on your third line to be a little physical and show the boys how to stand in front of the net because he's old school and we don't have Danton Heinen. So now month we have a weird mess where you want to hold on to people like Nik Richie who hasn't and I know he hasn't been here that long but I just mean you haven't shown that you should be here. I mean Johansson help them almost win a Stanley Cup. He was only had two months. Like I don't understand why or we let you know, and I'm not saying you can argue like what's valuable versus value, but I feel like we're always like weirdly moving money but not actually spend money to improve the roster. We hold on two people. We shouldn't we let people like even last year. Okay. So you're letting shower ago your lighting crew whatever. So we really couldn't have figured out how to get rid of Nick Berg maybe ponied up an extra year for Johansson. I mean Nordstrom who you know is going to battle for the puck is your number two guy on your PK and everything else. Now we have oh good Nik Richie is dead. Our best score. Yeah, the Bruins don't make bold moves. I think that that's really they don't they don't go on a limb and say okay. We're going to make a move for a Patrick lyonnet like we're going to make a move you off, you know, and you know, that's the latest. Hey real quick. We're talking about the Richie's David Pagnotta of the 4th. Magazine as long without the Flames have signed forward Brett Ritchie to a one-year two-way contract 700k. Wow, how weird is that? Is there a clause when he takes his brother with him? That's what he says under under it. It says maybe they will take Nick to write write write write rounded up to a million and take Nick with you feel bad faith. Not upon them though Brett Ritchie scored the first goal of the season last year. Yeah against Dallas and everybody said, oh geez Brett Ritchie, but a great debt and now he's with the Flames well wage. That's great. That's that's just great..

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