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And if you were, if you were in the pre game meeting, you would have heard me. I was dating games of the people that I was adjusted my ranking time. We'll just move along from that. I'll tell you what I was doing in the pre game meeting. I'm eating doughnut. The Keefe gave us because they know how long I've doughnuts. See. So Keith brought in donuts also pay, don't. It's, you know, who does it bring donuts defined, you bringing donuts, All all right, right. fine was when I was doing the rankings concerned about Markey's Goodwin's health concerned about Dante Pettis health really didn't know what his receiving options would be. I feel much better about the likelihood that Goodwin's going to give it a go. Gametime decision Dante Pettis may not go who come so it things are going to become more clear. Garson is heating up as far as report with Garoppolo Britos breaking out. So I think the options are there for him to have short passes long, pass a whole mix and have a much better game this week. She mentioned that Brita there. Matthew de believe that this is now Matt breed, his job and his job to lose as in like it's only going to take map rid of fumbling or finding himself stuck in the mud for Alfred Morris to get back involved. I don't know that it's his job to lose just yet. I expect them to be still a one, two punch. I think they want it to be a committee. I don't think they wanna put too much on Matt breeders shoulders if you will, but in terms of who you're starting, Matt breed has been the best. A running back. You don't have cop to this. I mean, I had Moore's higher going into the preseason. I didn't think Mabrouk could handle this kind of workload and he has. I mean the question, the talent has ever been in in question, but as long as he's out there, Matt breed is the one you want. I still think Morris has a low end flex here. I have him at twenty eight at running back twenty eight. I mean they've played basically the same number of snaps this year. Moore's actually as seven more snaps that season, it's just breed. It's been much more productive with his reminds me a bit of latavius Murray and jerick McKinnon last year when they first took over for Alvin cook, MacKinnon was playing better. Murray was still playing a lot. Now, eventually tavis Murray got going, but I don't think that outfit Morris has value has been completely cratered based on what we saw in week. Two. Yeah. I think this is more of a Brita rising than it is to your point Amores firing and just I will backups defined you. I do think this is Jimmy g. coming out party as well. And George Kittle could bounce back as well. We had a lot of hopes for him. Do you think this is the one where, hey, he finally realizes that we. He could've had a monster game, but it could've been monitoring. He's a monster game for him. I think this is definitely a big game for him. I'm playing against them in the war room leak. So you know he's going off. No, I don't know. He will go off not sure I can quantify just too much of an impacted as made for them in their first two games. I just say this, not having Eric berry doesn't help you defend tight end. So I know. Late for Sunday. Gonna play as all the the chiefs allow the third most fantasy points to opposing tight ends. This sees really quickly Matthew, you've got a little something underneath your seat. I need you to grab, oh, there's a little, oh, there's a thing into their look. At this note, I have Matthew the other day you were looking for a go ahead and open it. You were looking for a drum to beat for George Kittle. I present you with the little kill drum. The reviews said it feels chintzy and sound is mediocre. So I figured it was perfect for you in the.

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