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Ground to cover a whole lot of chronic cover between now and noon today, we'll spend a fair amount of time talking about. Wow, what a great deal the Republicans on the hill negotiated. They manage to negotiate such a compromise with the Democrats on funding for border barriers that they went from like one point seven billion to one point three five billion or something like this, wait a minute. Now. That's going wrong damn way. How did they pull that off? Seriously. Pull that one off. I have a poll question posted, by the way on the Bruce Elliott show page on Facebook, please participate. Very straightforward. All you have to do is. Let me know what you think about what we should be doing. Now what the president Rapley she'll be doing? So please go to the Brazilian show page on Facebook. If you're not you remember of employees, if you would become one the Bruce Elliott show to and two TS Eliot when you do a search box on Facebook. Here's the question should president from do with the border deal. Congress has negotiated choice. One don't sign it. Shut down the government choice to sign it and keep the government open. So far we lean a little bit toward. Don't sign it. Shut down the government be very interested to hear what you have to say about that. So please post if you're north before we get to that. One of the accusers of the Lieutenant governor of Virginia his name is Fairfax Justin Fairfax. Her name is Dr Vanessa Tyson. She is one of the women one of the two women who's accusing Justin Fairfax of sexual assault. She made her appearance at the symposium California yesterday. Oh last evening initially, she'd been scheduled to do this for some months, so this is to a degree coincidental. But of course, it becomes very trenchant. Very very pertinent to the discussion currently going on about this is a symposium on sexual assault and misconduct. No, again, she had been scheduled to do this for months, so it is degree happenstance. But I'll bet you that fill the hall. She referenced Dr Christine blazey Ford's testimony before congress and her elevations of sexual assault. Against supreme court nominee. Brad kavanagh. And let's hear some of it as she show, we shook with her as she told her story, we felt the pain that she so visibly demonstrated. We felt the pain. That she so visibly demonstrated. And then she said the problem with coming forward and making an accusation. Like, this is people actually want proof. There's a recurring theme at least when when women come forward the this. Deliberate attempt to try to undermine someone's credibility. Okay. Ma'am. No-man's credibility. Isn't question here. The accusation needs substantiation, it's very straightforward due process. Did you go to the police and that time did you make a complaint at that time? This purportedly happened during the DNC convention fifteen years ago, sixteen seventy whatever it is. Did you talk to anybody in the DNC are the contemporaneous notes? Anything anything because? Fairfax says it was consensual. She says no not now, this is also the case with these second woman who has accused him. I have no idea who's telling the truth. You know as Michael Vick. Who's to say, I don't have a dog in this fight, right? Right. Tyson then said. These actions. Her allegedly being sexually assaulted by Lieutenant governor, John Fairfax Virginia. Have a long lasting impact on people's lives. Sexual violence and sexual assault in our lives can have a very prominent impact on our understanding of ourselves. Our bodies the world around us. All right. And indeed if there is substantiated that is true. The problem. We have the culture. No, this is frankly, a problem that exists much more for folks on the political left. Then for folks on the political, right? Who rather uniformly have said we actually have a thing called due process. You actually have to go through the process, we're not going to allow you to railroad. Judge cavenaugh in my feeling is it's also inappropriate to railroad, Justin. Fairfax don't agree with the guys politics. But he deserves a Dan court if he's being accused of pretty. Heinous kind of behavior. Does he not deserve the opportunity to confront his accusers and give his side of the story that doesn't seem to be the case. A four of his staffers have resigned and pressure continues to build inside the democrat party to get the hell out of your phone. You're an embarrassment. Go away, son. In the whole time. Now, you have the governor of Virginia. Also, a democrat. Northam and he's saying, yeah. All of that black face stuff. I did. And all my comments about being in favor of infanticide? I'm stand right here. No to add one more layer to this. There was indeed the possibility of the politics are going on here. There is a possibility. We don't know. I have no idea we've not heard direct testimony in court yet this. North Adams the white guy. Fairfax is a black guy. Where's the black community on this? If a black guy being accused of pretty disgusting behavior at the same time. His supervisor a white guy also on the record as having done. What many of us would characterize this incredibly disgusting behavior? New poll out by the way from you yougov dot com. Indicates that the pro-choice pro-life argument is roughly split right now those who characterized themselves pro-lifer forty seven percent of the sample fifty three percent as pro choice. However in the pro choice segment sixty six percent of those individuals are opposed to late term abortions. Much less infanticide. This is the dirty little secret. The Democrats don't want, you know. Is a two thirds of those individuals who describe themselves as pro choice are opposed to late term abortions. But New York pesto law. Hey, it's okay. Virginia. They tried to pass a law. A New Hampshire. I think it is or Rhode Island figure which one of the little states up there. They're also going that way. These are all states, all blue states, all run by Democrats. And that is the real embarrassment here. And that's what they want to have swept under the rug. So if it means sacrificing the Lieutenant governor. Of virginia. Well, so be it it it takes our focus off of what is actually horrendous. Whether or not these charges against Fairfax are true. I have no idea if they're true or not the guy could be a real slime or he could be a guy who's being accused for political purposes because the people of Virginia. Are going to be very slow to have him go away or have north on Galway rather? If Fairfax is still there. Of course in the attorney general the third in line. He's also involved this black face stuff. Those Democrats have fun. And I'm not sure I think they're down to a Republican county Commissioner from somewhere in southern Virginia who might still be clean enough to be governor. So I just an observation on the passing scene. We're speaking out in symposiums anything happened concurrently. Because the radical left is characterized this as corroborated. I've not seen any corroboration from either of the accusers. I'm not as of this moment. I'm not aware of any contemporaneous conversations. Either of these women had with any of their acquaintances. Pretty straightforward. But we don't really have to worry about. Due process anymore. The seriousness of the allegation alone the seriousness of the allegation alone. That demands that we take action here, right? That was what we heard during the cavenaugh hearings the seriousness of the allegations who possibly would do this turned out. They did that for political reasons. And because at least one or two of them were nutzoid are these women nuts? I don't know. When you just heard Tyson. She's a professor she's a college. Professor so is Christine lacy Ford. So again for the Democrats. Well, what is it? Do you want to believe the white woman, but not the black woman? This is a very confusing time for those on the political left. And again as long as we stay true to our principles and say, it's real straightforward. Any individual accused of any crime deserves his or her day in court. Deserves to face his or her accusers and deserves to give his or her version of the events. We have no idea went bone on behind closed doors at the democratic national convention. Fifteen years ago. No idea whatsoever. No idea. What went on on some college campus prior to that? None whatsoever. So far the total tally on fair faxes to accusers. So the new has some catching up to do before the catch up with the number of accusers against now. Justice cavenaugh and weather Fairfax managed to live through this politically or not we will see there's a degree to which there's this thing. Shutting Friday kind of it kind of delighted somebody else's misfortune particular when it's a democrat. You disagree with their point of view. But at the same time any of us any mail in this culture can be accused of heinous behavior. In happened. Fifteen twenty twenty-five years ago. Doesn't matter. You can be accused. During those handful of months when I was a single guy between marriages dated, I actually saw female people. I want to be accused of. Bad behavior, thirty years. I have no idea. If it if it occurs. I would like to have the opportunity to face my accuser in court. And if I even recall tell my recollection of the events, I'm not thinking this person for me, it's personal for you too. Because you've been married for twenty five years, and you dated before that. Guys. Some woman may come forward and say, well, you know, Bob and park from law used to date. And thirty seven years ago. He he forced me down on the floor. Did disgusting things to me. Well, I'm sorry. Bob and Parkfield has to worry sweater with a big a on his chest. For adulterer. And a big are carved into his forehead for rapist. And no need to give him his Dan court because the accuracy is so serious. It must be believed. That is our world today folks that is our world. Those are my opening comments..

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