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Yes municipal by the way you saying what's paul gives you an who the hell's paul's be used by our opening guy bob for the rest of my career with paul gonna do you didn't know any prayer that no phone lines saying them paul one socket own doug sober over yeah hateful tubman we're doing a radio interview william i like when i go uh and uh but only the door 100 don't radio in very literal of you yeah uh yeah what do you mean donor radio interview ball uh i still sweat when i hear those things they're not many of those but there there are no of that you disco god could i've done it differently now then you start to secondguess 'cause you know i don't wanna pick on whitey herzog and these great baseball man he's crusty all right i get it but you know if you're gonna come on to promote a book then let's talk about what's in the book is he coming up after the break will relive this interview i'm recruit very were we're honoring in before it we're back after this what's it like for you watching games of your son coaching agonizing it's a family affair on attack each day the harbaugh's podcast motorways actual world recent guests include rich eisen judge judy john harbaugh and the sklar brothers diplayed grave over to tell her parents hey we're not gonna go to law school we're going to go ahead and do a job we could have done out of high school they ever.

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