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Part of the family my handle is simply my name on instagram jeremy sole once again last name s. o. l. e. back right after this short little message with the archipelago the week's stay close for that one right some are broke wide open this week and k._c._r._w. summer nights is on free outdoor concerts at cultural landmarks all across l._a. in this week it's cam the california african american museum garth trinidad bringing you exclusive live set along with my man d._j. aaron bird enjoy after hours access to exhibits and then come kick it on the dance floor tomorrow night check the season lineup k._c._r._w. dot com slash summer nights yes indeed yes indeed please do that all the summer nights affairs all around the city and even in santa barbara down no see all of our super epic and fund and we love to play music for your live and in person instead of in this little room imagining that we're together so come out to all the case here every summer nights it's always superfund right so right now opening this last segment of the evening most of all of us music programmers on k._c._r._w. we follow a formula woah of speaking to you on the hour and then every twenty and forty minutes after the hour is will so just twenty minutes segments and then we go back tell you what we've been playing those far and retrospectively put it that way and and then keep moving and right now the last twenty minutes segment or at this point even less than that we uphold the tradition at least on this particular show started a tradition right from the beginning of opening last segment with an all acapella piece of different one every week although sometimes we repeat old ones if they're just that good and the capello for this week i was i couldn't find the one i originally wanted to play for you which is a paul simon's diamond on the soles of her shoes i have only acapella version of it but couldn't the find inside it i we heard found another with my own two hands super and before unreleased that version of super that tune rare and i only say all that to say that it unreleased will be a sharp demo and ver harsh of demo musical tape from transition marley and the whalers called from dada the demo capella tape we i heard am the song going to play jingling key into featuring the wailing souls as jeremy sole on k._c._r._w. stay close real close so much more to go so little time as pack it in all right support comes from the california african american museum in exposition park presenting k._c._r._w. summer nights on friday june twenty eighth enjoy a late night of art music and culture groove with k._c._r._w. d._j.'s garth trinidad and aaron bird and visit cams latest exhibitions including a retrospective exploring the work of artists and athlete ernie barnes gourmet food trucks beer garden and more from seven until eleven pm.

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