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Court react to those terrible facts by saying you can disclose without even being involved and the significance of that is that if a court is not involved then the officers whose testimony is going to be disclosed may not even know that their testimony is being disclosed. I think of this I think the whole issue of Brady and we case law is developing under Brady think of this as maybe extension of the police Reform movement. We are going to say we are going to say brady disclosures expand not contract in the future home and in some places we're going to see the police reform statutes that are being considered by and pass by state legislatures. We're going to see them include man dead. Or A disclosures him perhaps even we've seen it with some of them public disclosures Brady type material. For next case is another Brady case that deals with prosecutorial immunity in on Brady issues. And I think it's the same theme and the theme is Thursday. We want more not less in the way of Brady disclosure. It's because when you read the Court's opinion in this case, it looks like some pretty clear overreaching by a prosecutor. Let's see what you're saying can just a moment and the court nonetheless. The prosecutor is immune from loss of so what's this case all about? This comes out of Tennessee. And this is by the way a federal court of appeals opinion. So it's pretty significant working for the Fairview Tennessee Police Department is Latoya. Dale and Lieutenant Softail becomes concerned about the Department's relationship with a couple of private security firms and in particular he suspected Thursday. Armed officers had falsified documents to obtain secondary employment with these private security outfits. He related these concerns to Kim help her home. She's the district attorney for Williamson County in Tennessee, and he he told Ms. Helper that the wrongdoing had reached a whole new level and asked help her to refer the matter to the state to the state Bureau of Investigation. Well two weeks later the police chief announces his retirement age help her decide. She wants to get involved in who the successor is going to be to the chief even though she's a County employee and we're talking about the city police department her thoughts about who should be Chiefs did not achieve did not include Stockdale or a fellow Lieutenant a new tab by the name of Shan Dong. Both of whom she described as quote want to be Chiefs unquote. She sent a text to an associate offering to go to bat for her candidate and texted me that God help us if it's Dunning or stop tail a few weeks later the city of Fairview Board of Commissioners holds a meeting and the city manager requested off the meeting that the Williamson County Sheriff investigate the police department. And in fact, what what the city manager wants is an investigation turns out of Stockdale and Dunning because he plays his stopped Dale and Dunning the two lieutenants on administrative leave. This is a little complicated stay with me trying to get the ball on this one. I had to read this opinion a couple of times for I figured out what was going on..

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