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They learned hindi first and then go to in country for their immersion they comebacks huge difference in in that so i would say a i agree ah 100 percent with you being overseas there's nothing like it in every programme we have it involves and overseas stint but getting initial language acquisition by good teachers really helps and then when us want to add to that i just to say it also speaks for having more people when they do stay abroad go to more countries because forty percent now forty percent of americans go to four countries they go to the uk france germany and italy which is suzy's fences which is fine but we need to have more people going to more countries ciragan have they indepth immersion to our perfect promised unity hi my name is out of mckay and i run actually run a language school here in dc and one of my concerns is related to technology and the future and the future demand for language we talked about the language emerge emergency but to what extent can technology solve that and ten years out can we talk as our phone and had simultaneous translations in any language well let me say that we've been anticipating this for quite some time we actually establish a language technology center uh we put out an rfp your request for proposals from universities university hawaii when that award and they are now a center looking at how they can use technology to enhance already good language instruction that's very important that i say that because there's all kinds of uses for language technology lotta people do do lingo i actually do it because i like the challenge every day of making sure i don't lose the you know the progression to various different languages just do it um and it's also a thing about habit building technology but what we're trying to do in the the flagship technology innovation center out in hawaii in its available on the websites a wonderful website if you haven't seen it check it out what we're trying to do there is asked the question how can we take already really good language instruction.

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