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He stumbles through knee deep snow keep shouting his hands are up at first then he reaches for his jacket pocket inside is a loaded handgun he puts his hands up again he reaches hands up reach finally police do shoot an he never managed to grab the gun so investigators released this video and in two different vantage points one was aerial footage from a law enforcement drone the other was taken by a smartphone by people inside the cab of the truck so watching the video you see everything unfold like you there how did this incident add more fuel to the fire for the anti government movement well the the response was almost immediate shortly after the shooting a memorial popped up at the snow bank where people who supported the Bundys and the anti government movement talked about it like it was a murder or an assassination or kind of this carefully orchestrated hit by the government on on a member of the patriot movement even though it was so clear from that footage that you saw these two angles and he's saying you're gonna have to shoot me that that was a justified police shooting so in his death I really found in my months even years of it investigation that it it becomes really inter twined with the militia groups in these anti government groups that showed up at the bunny sand asana became this target for their anger and that's where you pick up with season two tracking those other groups that tells a little about them like who they are and what are they doing sure it both of of the Bundys high profile standoffs you so groups like the oath keepers which is one of the largest most well known malicious across the country came to their side you saw another militia group called the three percenters chapters from nearby states coming to their side on my reporting I started to see these other threats picking up of white supremacy and violence in these ideologies that that had been there long before these two standoffs I think it's important to note that groups like the oath keepers were actually in Charlottesville taking the side of the old right during the protests that have been there yeah and I think that these are groups that generally wouldn't be very fired up about ranching right like the bodies sort of provided a great platform to fight the government and that's often I think with the take away that my reporting is found is that it has very little to do with the constitution has very little to do with ranching and often times is just looking for new ways to fight off the government and to kind of force a belief system like what we saw it at Charlottesville on display that's Lisa Tilly host of the podcast series Bundy Phil so how does that believe system.

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