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Donald Trump, Trae Gatty, Trey Goudy discussed on Larry O'Connor


Is the Larry O'Connor show who do you want to see as the next attorney general a lot of people thinking Chris Christie Rudy Giuliani. I said no New Yorkers our last guest there said, no celebrities. Let me put it this way. If you've appeared in any way on Saturday Night Live, you should not be our attorney general. How's that that takes care of quite a few? So I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Dennis miller. You're out who would you like to see how about Jodi in Virginia? Jody you're on wwl. Yeah. Hi, how about a tray gouty? You like Trey Goudy lazy is about to be out of work. Now trae said that he he wanted to go back and spend, but he wants to spend time with his family in South Carolina. So I mean, you know. That's why he's leaving congress. He'd come up. All right. Well, listen to be attorney general, you would think that would be quite an honor. Okay. Jodi. So that's one vote for Trey. And I'm seeing a few more Astana line. If that's your vote Chuck in Virginia, you're on AOL. Who would you like to see? Yes, sir. I'm gonna go with Lindsey Graham, and I say this, sir. Because I think he proved you know, his toughness is worth a storm the bread capital hearings. And I truly believe he would keep President Trump had a trouble because he trusts him. But he also hold those Democrats accountable for all this craziness like with the Russian investigation which ended. Yeah. I mean, listen, I think he proved himself during the cavenaugh hearings. I think he proved himself as a affective Republican Senator don't know if he proved himself as attorney general Chuck, and here's my other concern there have been he's said publicly. I in interviews and even from the Senate that if Trump fires Robert Muller, then the that would be obstruction of Justice. That would be call for impeachment or something like that something to that effect. I think he's got a lot of soundbites against Trump that will be used against him. Now, maybe that'll be a badge of honor. Maybe that'll be a way for them to say see see he's been very critical of Trump. We're still going to put him in the position of attorney general, and then that may be solid, but I get a little nervous about that. I'll be honest with you how about Greg summer duck, Greg. It's summer duck. I haven't heard from you in a while, Greg WMA. Oh, hey, doing good. What do you think? Trae gatty myself. I mean, he.

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Donald Trump, Trae Gatty, Trey Goudy discussed on Larry O'Connor

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