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Wide to the right? I intended to thirty seven yard line tight end goes in motion. Now now, they hand off goes right side to Roberts looking for a block. He gets when he's hit boy was stood up. But he's still thrust forward. And he's out to about two thirty eight yard line on the right side. Coach morals listening. The answer is. Yes. Just text you. I'll bet coach more was probably over at hutch today watching Iowa western and I saw maybe some evidence that here's a home watching semester. See football coach moral at home watching college football. What? L eleven minutes to go here in the fourth quarter. Twenty eight twenty lead second down eight for the grizzlies at the thirty nine yard line. Swing past goes to. Get hard. Roscoe Paschi hit right afterwards. But he gets up and back to the huddle. See to me that's far more helmet-to-helmet than anything else. We've seen the hit down here. That the player was injected on. I mean that was straight up face master facemask right there. Robert shakes it off. Now, it's third and eight from the Butler thirty nine yard line self is in the gun and the worst part about it is an incomplete pass it stops the clock. Three receivers in the right receivers left. Thirty eight shelf back to pass pressure. Comedy sacks back at the thirty yard line. Yeah. That was Jamal winter with a quarterback sack of trae.

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