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My question was big Ben Big Ben seems to be just like the player was pre you know elbow or shoulder surgery, and whatever he had, and what better organization seriously is better at drafting wide receivers in the Pittsburgh steelers it's a revolving door Antonio Brown comes in and now Mike Wallace comes in and out you know all these guys just keep. In and out right hines word in and out, and all they do is somehow draft another really good receive right we they lost Antonio Brown and last year was just Ju and everyone was like Oh this wide receiver enough now deontay Johnson looks like a stud cheese clay pull out of Notre Dame looks like an absolute stud I don't think better organization. Drafting specific positional trying to think are there any other teams that consistently have a really good positional group I'm trying to think I think the way New England drafts quarterbacks is probably up there Jimmy Garoppolo Jacoby considerable starting caliber quarterbacks office Jimmy's you just went to a super bowl not to mention Brady and whoever they eventually draft. So I probably put New England's quarterback drafting up there I'd like I, just mentioned Pittsburgh's. Wide Receiver drafting is absolutely ridiculous and Yeah. Those two are. But specifically San Francisco the excuse me specifically Pittsburgh the way they draft wide receivers they looked like absolute studs they come in at number six, the Pittsburgh steelers are five no coming in at number five is their division rivals were kinda coming up on a pattern a little bit here the Baltimore Ravens they're five and one I cannot wait I believe it's the same week actually I think it's not this week but the week after I believe week eight, we're finally getting our first matchup between Ravens and steelers there's some rumors are gonna be it could be flexed the Sunday night. Absolutely love that that's going to be A. Phenomenal game in I. Think this is the best both Baltimore and Pittsburgh have been a long time usually when they're both really good one team is clearly better than the other. I don't see that this year I'm not saying Baltimore's clearly better than Pittsburgh not saying that Pittsburgh's clearly better than than the multiple I? Think they're honestly tied I think Baltimore's a little bit worse than they were last year maybe addition the Gabrielle changed that plus maybe if Brian passed his physical and work his way up the depth chart as well but Pittsburgh man that defense is legit do everything they can to stop Lamar Jackson and if If Pittsburgh can get a lead on Baltimore. They could run away with it I really like this Pittsburgh. Baltimore sort of rivalry this year, I think it's the best. It's been in years right now it's slight but I'm GONNA put the Ravens ahead of the steelers because I haven't seen the steelers do it to like that team that really really good team. It's this weekend they're playing the titans at they beat the titans they will come up this list one hundred percent, but I'm not too confident they can do that just yet. So steelers at six ravens at five coming in at number four, we're getting in the top four teams now of the NFL so far in my opinion top. Four number four Tampa Bay buccaneers coming off a huge win thirty eight to ten win over the Green Bay packers I think mentioned this in the my last episode on their best day. I. Think Tampa Bay might be the best team in the entirely Todd Bowles coached up this defense to the potentially number one defense in the getting their number one right now I bet they'll finish the season around top five ish is my guess this offense when it's clicking, we Mike Evans gets going with Chris Collin gets back and healthy rob Gronkowski starting to look like the guy they signed more than. Just a block or now caught a touchdown had seventy plus receiving yards when this team is fully clicking on offense and defense and everybody's healthy. For Tampa, Bay I'm not sure there's anybody that is better bay coming in at number four with a record of foreign to coming in at number three. Our next undefeated team on the list Tennessee titans man we gotta start giving credit to my well, he's a top three coaching football. He is just right now he's up there with Bela checking Andy Reid. He just is this team is undefeated. They have recaptured the magic of last season with. Ryan Tannehill taking a to another step. Absolutely unbeatable. Right now, when it comes to run game, nobody can stop their offensive line and Derrick Henry Ryan. Tannehill has seemed to take a step up. Then he was last year he's he's playing better this year than he was last year Asia Brown looks really really good this year as well that defense after adding clowney has taken another step. This Tennessee Titans team is legit. They can win a super bowl. I. Fully believe that Tennessee Titans I understand our quarterback and he's not considered this worldly talent that maybe Lamar Russell and and Patrick Mahomes as. We gotta keep a real this. Is Not Ryan Tannehill we saw in Miami, this is a completely different Ryan. He's an elite level quarterback right now he's an MVP candidate he's one to percent MVP candidate and I think he could win it. I think it's GonNa come down to him and also Wilson the Tennessee Titans are legit this year I expect them to be in the AFC championship game if not further when it comes to play off time that team is insane they know what their identities they know no team knows their identity more perfects it better right now, Tennessee that used to be New England for years and years..

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