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They're gonNA stay but I think for the vast majority of paypal. The book is an experience anyway. Anyway so I mean first and foremost if you rating fiction. That's a form of entertainment. But it's something that it's very portable you can. You can take it around with you unless it's They've got like a Banjo Paterson biography on. It's about seven hundred page hardcover. That's AH that's about four kilos with they get those big ones about the very portable sticky nights in them and doggy pages. If it's your and some people even would just not pages out of books. They're lockin have favorite quiet and things If it's fiction you've got your index X-xi can remember where things That there's a star non-fiction you can. You can look at your index and in a look at where things are there a lot of advantages to the actual books because the book has survived. Look able to still guy. And but books Stu Guy Account and I believe and Harper. I think Books House House of actually slow the increase. And that's probably to do with population but they're going strong suicide because the books still there is still there And because people vol- still lots and land will community lobbies local reserve incredible places for learning and site that's even with the turmoil of books in five or six years gone. Will they have a future will. Yes lobbies the steel prices to land and digital learning is also did digital literacy is a big thing to Cy Lavas live. Is I think a thriving up in Rockhampton couple of months ago that had luck be ruled. All die are the a member of Palm Up. There made donated Ranaldo. Oh cake was the best case I've ever seen. How in the chocolate factory let layers of chocolate things and conveyor belts and everything was edible? Look like this machine and it was like silver assing. It was incredible But when I was there doing some book talks and workshops had walk around the library and they will lease little little breakout rooms where there were. There was a lot Raffles Niles tried. He's sitting in there and the RV roles learning how to do you know. Microsoft spread shape the business. They'll paypal clearly studying. You know if photographer university or exams and Old Papal in there just too title grandkids in and and look at a picture book. Whatever site was eight OCTO? This sense of this is a real community hub. Look Gang here. It's not just people writing books. It's it's GonNa it's a multipurpose source. Space and a lot of schools have put maker spaces into their lobbies where they say. You know this particular rim. We're GONNA do robotics buttocks in. We're going to do programming in told the school that had a grain screen room and that was awesome. The students love getting in there and making videos And I think libraries Aubrey's just going with the times becoming versatile places and it's pretty hard to stamp that out it is. I think in my local community library which guy I to a lot with my three year old and I love it. I love that I get to spend time. She can chat happily shoot. These toys puzzles. Zell's these books the DVD's but as I sit there. I noticed a lot of people wondering and just use. The Free Wifi Free Wifi is become kind of like Komo News L.. Live to twenty nine eight. Well look. What's the alternative? I suppose. Gun McDonald's to use their free will after Batman. But then you might have to Baugh thirty cent kind with I. Reckon guy to use the free will. I fought if it's air conditioned as well and at some that it becomes the ultimate. Yeah yeah look to be fair. I think that probably are used to be a bit of a tool to get people in but I think that's probably 'cause free offers everywhere And a lot of people have rhyming on their devices and things anyway Is that a redundant point for lobbies. Yeah I I think it's just part and parcel not. Yeah Yeah and yeah and lobbies do have. Computers are pottuvil bizarre. I feel and Si- yeah connecting to the way and the other thing about lobbies. Is there paypal as a show you how to do ray such better So you can go in and it doesn't matter. Hey you might be six years old doing small one page Assam and all you might be fully unit. Whatever whatever the still people there who can help you find what you need? Hey look faster And that that's a huge huge vantage philosophies. Do you could do harm and probably bang ahead against the lobby. Comedian groups Sir is yeah lots of lots of good things. Yeah I actually love about lotteries is that it's still it's one of those things in a society that blaze a mind when you can go to a library can get ten picture books. I just Scan Academy Tech Them. Hi I'm a gun for three weeks. That's really cool be. Yeah that's really really cool thing it is way too. I'm so AL seven six and five year old I love guy and getting a bit of a bundle and and An ARC in my seven year old. He had a choice. He'd he'd walk out with thirty books he feels. I don't know who would carry them home but yeah it is a really cool thing. That's right and I become and that's you know that's a form that's your answer. Time at that can be an indeterminate food for many hours. Those books and entertained Australia. has this really cool thing where they actually The government has an allocation of money with AL actually Reimbursed author's books are in libraries. So essentially if you go borrow book Portland you're going to buy it and it's it's it's It's a really cool. This is called Ayla and Paola Educational ending rot and public lending rights. So there's always the great country where the always awesome systems in place that it's fair and accessible for everyone and that's and that's what lobby should be. So you saying that if EIBAR you'll book from the library abry you get like a roti cat. Well if the lobby has my Bukoba royalty cut. It doesn't matter how many times is barred from there. Everyone bar team Harris has series. Reese ask for ASA for it. That's because I do know that was a thing. I didn't realize that you get you. Get some sort of so much luckier a song on spotify. Getting getting it. That's the exact same thing And this whole idea of sort of creative people getting getting their royalties or rod says the always awesome new digital systems in place for and I didn't realize because I still so our record music and have some songs but now get royalties from songs on and Youtube and I didn't request it somehow. Found may cause because every audio thing on youtube has has its own fingerprint or apprentice traces back to the what is through the distributor. That's pretty 'cause I books Simon lobbies okay very good. I was doing some research before they founded in an article that I'll put the links to in the show nights it's by Simon Jenkins. He writes for The Guardian. It's back in two thousand sixteen but he write these public libraries have. I've had another bad year. They elect churches and local railways. People like having them around but the angry if they close but as for using them well. There is so little time Tom to do so these days. I like that. Quite people like having them around angry if they close. I think it's true but why do you think that's the case. Is it a sentimental thing. Perhaps perhaps we will talk to her about how there's a lobbies of a world of wonder when your kid hit and I wonder if for some people that have really fond memories of being lotteries as a kid and then when they get older the business of life you know. They stopped going paps until they have their own kids. But I think back to the Rockhampton Labrador Algebra. It was humming. It was a weight day. There was so many people in there doing all these things and yes I think there'll be a lot of people say you know what now it we're still using Aubrey's Yeah and I'd love to knife is any research to the backup that court because it's a pretty powerful quiet And it sort of challenges. A lot of what. We've been speaking about libraries. That are at the same time. They're just so. Many people boohoo advocating to protect the lobbies the schooling coins them for example. There's a a group of incredible Astrid and school librarian. There formed a group rip. Cold students need school lobbies. Where they're they're getting so many people to petition local schools Governments Councils newspaper articles TV interviews? I used to stand up and speak on behalf of of Teach Librarians and libraries. And I know I know that the research is saying students benefit students benefit when they have these. And let's hype that you know that spills out into the to the public libraries as well because we certainly wouldn't want is closed because then free access to books wchs is gone It's actually gone because you know you can't browse United Bookshops Not GonNa let that and big w not going to let you do that you. You had such vivid memories of being a student at school and using the library you now have spent fifteen years as a schoolteacher and you'd now to around as an author to libraries and you've got kids at libraries can you say contrast between you as a kid using lobbies and these next generation and the way in which they view and utilize the spices. That are there. I think the biggest difference would be the whole the digital learning and the online stuff for markets. It's purely books. They want to say books. They WANNA touch books that I want to read books have tried to encourage them that. That's a good thing to do and enemies ties into to my memories as well I go there was one. I forgot to mention my actually very first library. Memory was my mom. Take me taking it so local library to say puppet sure Yeah and and and I did a quick Google before you arrived what's happening at mylar. Collaborative giggled And the council events events come up and there are so many things happening. It was like cooking classes. Learn how to do a language sewing courses writing workshops masterclasses all these things happening happening in the low local library. So back to the question. If that's the case that I remember that was a kid and those things are still happening today. I think perhaps there are very similar uses and similar the perceptions But the heavy heavy change it would be the the introduction of is he is such a big thing With a lot of online on research paper Lennon computer skills and Si- lobbies have roughtly accommodative for that and they have things in place to To help pay pool who tap into the digital world. I think we've we've we've discussed that. Libraries is such a good thing so good for keyed so good for adults and so good for education but I think there is a sense that people just don't use the libraries that so freely available able to them so Tim Harris. What shall we do about libraries? What shall we do Sam? Well I think people need to remember them And I need tonight that they are places where you can go business. I'm sure has got a lot to do with that so yeah I think we need so paints to become more aware of what they're saying if if they're not at school at university that needs to be aware of what the local libraries doing and it's it's not just a place for books. Yes their books. Their books books are big part of of our world by their whole blood of other things going on as well But I think the big what what should we do about them. I think at the merit twenty nine Hain protecting them is the big one in protecting school libraries and schoolteacher librarians and making sure that we have libraries in In in cities and towns so that people have free access to books free access to the Internet That supplies where they can go and learn. That can upskill themselves selves. That can go and relax and read a book. I can go and use the free Wifi only conditioning. All the both good things Tim Harris is been so good to talk to you about libraries and thank you so much invited me ran to the place where you write books. A pleasure do. Do you mind if I hang around for a few hours and just read some of these books that I'd forgotten about I mean Paul Jennings he got so many of its great. Let's do it. There's Free Wifi here on the air conditioner conditioner on this leg. I.

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