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And fifty thousand dollars and as we take a look at the possible morning line favorite would be richer Baltar's Neptune's storm at three to one in Q. we stream neck two storms by the way is number seven Q. we stream is number six and Victor Trujillo sending out Juan Hernandez there Antoun Georges gonna ride from altus on Neptune's storm there are three one and seven to two because first glance it looks like every horse has a shot here you've got left in storage he said opening a three to one dropping out of seven straight graded stakes it Erica Gregory last five I should say six grade one to grade twos and simply breathless coming out of three great ones and great tunes thank you we stream of course just a big race in the all American but I think there's a lot of speed here I think a few extreme personal really doesn't really has to have a lease just the style the last two times on the at the mile on the all weather Hernandez you gonna send it to the storm's gonna be outside that's gonna kind of forces hand and I think I see a place where here which sets up really well for a couple of losses in the one coming into a period so and the eight restrained engine to supply the two morning line favorite cleans up there says my topic here missed by a neck last small images of grace just the usual effort and that's what I'm looking at the repeat to later in the all weather won really nicely a class size they went down to St Anne's and ran second it's under road just multiple stakes winner river Boyne and commando presale was fifty to one that day when the mounting of San Luis Rey ran second and then comes out of the all American but I think he needs that race after two months any better on the turf so I think mail dot Perry so gets a nice shot here in the US also arch French road I mean get Catalina Martinez wrote arch grants to three wins his last four starts and is never written to interpersonal and takes the mound here restrain mentions that obvious for Brinker hop gin the all American with huge big races last year in the city of hope mile beaten a neck and the rolling green and gold because of the work as forty six plants and these poor shipping up so I think it's the one of the eight year old box to to make to win back on Camino del peso in the San Francisco mile race eight okay so you're gonna go with the flow in this race was the numbers again no one any eight Sam recommend up very cell and the inmate restrain mentions okay so sixty one and on on the rail there for OJ Hanegbi an interesting in in regards to number eight the trainer doesn't run that often at Golden Gate fields but he has won races at Golden Gate fields so he seems to point towards certain races and had a lot of can disarm all writing their Irish green and vengeance who is five to two on the morning line all right let's go on to a simmer nine and go miles sixteenth on the turf for a twenty thousand dollar purchase here and at this race for two year olds and up fillies and mares well this is amazing race I see a lone speed here in the two house buddy and the one stalker is a nine glad she does it to I'm gonna end up on house buddy last time in the same race on may twenty second set the pace of slow paced but got beat by four still in this field held by two over the third horse after two month layoff he's got a race last unit Golden Gate at the twenty five thousand level on the grass which he just missed by she I should say just missed by and activate your old mare she's a Trier she's got ten wins in thirteen seconds in sixty six stars she six to one because he's a legitimate horse your first or second or straight away at the level in November as well and she just be held buddy so it's a nine two box for me here in the nine and I'm a make a window on both of these courses I don't think anybody else really as much of a chance to win compared to those two I'm moving on to waste number ten and and we're gonna go up with a turf allowance race here and this will be for a thirty one thousand dollar purchase as we take a look at the entries and with that Dr no on or I go in who add to the one well for those are keeping notes about pick three seasons in the past for them not to in the eleventh year amount mentioned five washes the five major Kong the one Shadrach listed in my order the two blondes warrior six on Raglan road eleven Irish heat waves and you've got a really interesting place near here I think there's tons of pace the tensest lord is a horse that has to have the lead the force are you stretching out the nine color me happy usually is first your second early I recently put blinkers on and has eleven post she has to go right now I'm using reluctantly analytical Rogosin tactical speed I'm not sure about his current form so my topic and it being the five major call here for Steve Specht at ten to one morning line getting a jockey change Eldorado who were the worst in his first four races and last time out first but second time ever on turf at this level rallied from atheists use seven or ninety seven at beaten three I think you can have a big late kick here on this horse based on the race before that when he broke his maiden that's what I like major Kong chat rackets Braylon Desormeaux won on the grass last June because Maxwell laughter mechanical I think has the hot hand here should save ground in rally and the two bronze warrior another close I'm looking for the closest here last time on turf three back in November rallied from fourth to win so five one two or two keys here can you six eleven also in pic treason pick fours because that's the values the two chocolate and I don't like them as much wind batch and interactive all right we're gonna take a short break here and when we come back we're gonna get your thoughts on the Belmont which is next Saturday and also your overall view.

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