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5. They play again tonight at six. The Islanders beat the capital's 5 to 2. They have a commanding Siri's leading to nothing with Game three Sunday at noon in this first round of playoffs. Owuor Weather Channel forecast a seasonably warm start to the weekend, but east winds will dragon. Some low clouds a little rain Sunday and kind of some cool weather. It'll feel a bit like September on Sunday overnight, a few clouds lows around 70 partly sunny on Saturday highs and a little bit eighties. East breezes cloud cover some rain showers Sunday with highs only in the low to mid seventies meteorologist Mark Thibodeaux from the Weather Channel. 7 10 W are finally some relief in the coming days. It is 74 degrees in Tribeca. Next news at six breaking news at once. Start your day with Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the morning weekdays, six Till 10 I'll show Kabbalah on 7 10 W. O R, an NBC news radio station..

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