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He was on board with it so fine. But yeah and I think the way he's run camp. you know obviously. He hasn't run a super physical camp. Either which has kept players. Healthy will that manifest in the regular season terms of tackling. and everything. I'm not super concerned about that. But again we'll see so i ended fair. Pick by you My lv jimmy is honor dillard. Italian has to be like again. You're getting destroyed by a guy who doesn't even have a picture of himself on the team's official roster page. This is pretty bad. And i can't say enough like if honor dillard on the main roster to joke. It's pathetic like they can't cut him again because the salary and everything but trade him for literally anything. You can't tell me there's gotta be somebody that will offer like a something like a conditional seventh. Yeah even a conditional seven just because he was a first round pick. Someone will offer you that. Take it it take it is worth it. It is worth that that him being off the team getting the roster spot clearing a little bit of his base salary. And what's the reason. I forget but just as getting the draft. Whatever you get. It's done it's done take the l he's not rebounding. He turns twenty six this year billion times. He's not some kind of ascending developing player. It's not like this is inconsistent player. Who's flashed but as these really bad. No it's no it's like it's pretty much just all that like it's all that bad player. You doesn't deserve to make the team. Don't keep on the roster. Lv hundred. i'll go with jordan howard. Okay for the reasons already mentioned i. Would you play by. Play of the day is waiting to talk about this until now to me. It is without question. Joe flacco okay. It wasn't wasn't is play. That was a beauty of a ball up the in that crunch-time situation to jack stole who caught the over. The shoulder agreed in stride. To give us a touchdown and the and the players love between two defenders to between after address. Because he knows they're they're he probably thinks he's about to get popped didn't But yeah. That was very difficult concentration catch. He's been good. I think he's got a chance to make the roster jacksonville. i agree And as i've talked about before the president of eagles players giving the most guaranteed money to their udf as those players do usually end up on the roster weather this week one or starting out on the practice squad and eventually getting elevators at some point. So yeah the. The definitely has a chance and with thai rejection. Obviously getting hurt helped him a lot. So yeah i. I just thought that was really good. Ball by flacco. That was like oh man. That was such a good throw. Sometimes you just see a throne. You're like wow. That was a really really good throw and that was the case and again you'll players really excited. Teamates out to celebrate that play. The team came came off the sidelines and celebrated in the end zone after that play they were like squirting water bottle he stuff going on there. So so that was that was good to see I'm going to give the fox who's your full by you. So i was going to go at the watkins toe tap but you convince me. Switch mind to the flacco to stole throw. There was a lot of juice on that. Stole throw their last hurriyat offered like a game situation scenario portion of practice for the offense anyway and they ended it with you. I mean that really impressive. Throw and catch. Not throw me. Think about like mark sanchez because martinez for all his faults like that guy could throw a beauty of a scene ball up too tight end he could dead things that is pump aches really good and it's kind of funny to me that these eagles backup quarterback so used to play for the jets. Funny enough are for some really good at those passes up to this year So there you go all right jimmy. Any final thoughts before we end our final training camp. Recap podcasts. I can't believe thirty years camp has has as it always. Does it just flies by. It feels like day one was just yesterday. it's gonna feel like weird having this long gap between the preseason game and in sixteen days later it's week one game so I don't know what we're gonna do with ourselves over the next Two plus weeks but Yeah it was a fun camp Didn't know what to expect coming into. It didn't know what we're going to see at an johnny jonathan gannon john hurts etc etc and i thought early in camp wasn't looking so good particularly offensively and You know they. They turned it on. And they sort of i mean that's where they got substantially better as cam progressed. And as you said it's not going to be like a disastrous terrible offense this year like i think they're going to be at least competent and You know they. They've sort of sold me a little bit on You know their potential to be decent in in twenty twenty one so Yeah i've been encouraged by. Joan hurts First foremost with the knicks yanni and Just the offense surrounding them and like i always thought the defense a chance to be okay but I feel i feel better about the team after camp has concluded than i did certainly after like the first five or six practices but even before camp even began. I feel a little better now about team than i did previously vibes matter to me as i talk about a lot and last year. Vibes aren't good. Because i was having was not having a good training camp. Zakar wanted to get paid and then didn't then was like fighting with howie roseman before week one practice. Jason peters was demanding a raise to play like. There's nonsense going on this year. Now it's like it's a much now. Obviously stunk in the preseason. So that hasn't been great but you know nobody's really care. I don't again. I don't think that means everything. It means more than nothing. But i don't think it means everything So i agree with you on the whole that the vibes are good. I am sticking with my eight and nine prediction which was higher than i expected. Isn't it. i think thought was high at the time. But i think there's somewhere around there. There's somewhere that kind of team. I'm pretty sure they're not going to be like a four win team. I don't think through that bad unless you know they really get hit hard by the injury boat or training camp just turns out to be a total mariah's and like they're just a totally different team when the real game start which is an impossible because the games are lot different than practices So we'll see. But i think ultimately it's been good cam for the eagles. They got a lot of good work in They were able to practice against two different teams..

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