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Man. It's going to hit ten thousand. It's gonna collapse. I better get out and before you know it alls buying back in the eleven thousand dollars yeah again. Stop and you know my favorite is just from like an outsider's point <hes> perspective like reading c._t. And stuff like that because you know everyone's runs got their charts and they're interesting to look at you could tell that some people put like a lot of work in like shadows the tim pace i like that and he he puts some good stuff out there and then other random but some stuff up sometimes it's thrown together but you'll always see the commenters that are like nah how fun it's going to three and and i but i i feel like there's a few like <hes> places. That person comes from. It's either just straight troll which is fine. Those are fun or it's those people that are hoping because they already sold at eight or something and they're like faulk. It's going down and they're just they feel like they can maybe put that energy out there and mike scare people and hope it'll go down so they can buy back in because they know it's going back up. Yep now. What you just said is essentially true but you're missing of really key component in that's the day hey trader okay. The person who do you and this is obviously. I don't know how much i know that it's minimal and the investing world has admitted earlier but do you know what shorting is. I have like a basic understanding where like you you might even just by at say. It's at nine thousand you buy nine thousand then like what cell when it gets to like ninety five and then it goes down and by again like with the extra money or something is that so it's like this. Let's say and we're just gonna use even numbers here because it's simple but let's just say at ten thousand dollars. You don't think is going to keep going up so what you do. Is you have zero bitcoin. All you have is cash. Okay okay but you're gonna bet that. It's gonna go down so what you're gonna do is. You're going to take your considering the banks. The banks bitcoin you're going to actually borrow bitcoin coin from that bank and you're going to sell it back to somebody else okay and what you're gonna do and then hope that it goes down and then all you gotta do is return turn bitcoin you borrowed so if you borrowed one bitcoin right all you owe the bank is is when bitcoin all right but you soul you borrow the you borrow that that at one bitcoin from the bank but then you sold it to regular people or whoever it was that bought it from you and then after it goes back down to nine thousand dollars you then by that one bitcoin back so now you've got that bitcoin at nine thousand dollars but the bank doesn't care they just want their one bitcoin back pocket the different house and bucks okay in two thousand dollars right so that's what shorting is you borrow the bitcoin. You don't have to have any you borrow that bitcoin bitcoin you then sell it to the open market and then but here's the thing is if it goes up now. You owe the different so if it goes eleven thousand you bought it at ten. Now you're down the extra thousand bucks. Hey hey that's the risk you take now. I ask that question because i explained that because that day that day trader who's on that who's in the form saying oh you know what's going down to ninety two hundred dollars today like short it now because he's trying to pile people on so you just turn that long potential long buyer person who thinks it's going up into on. Maybe i'm gonna short it today or i'm gonna tell my bitcoin and help the price. You know have some pressure half suppress the prices. You know where you're you're. You're selling into that that market which which is one less person. That's going to help the market. Go up you know and you're in essence what you're doing is you're trying to manipulate the market and this is anybody who ever talks talks about market period. You know everybody has an agenda everybody. Some people do just give their opinions. You're like oh. I can look at the chart doesn't look like i would buy right now. Okay that's a fair. It's a fair assessment but when you say it's going to go down to nineteen hundred there's probably some facts behind that typically the people who get prices interest forever right so you can kind of go back to i go back to people's predictions all the time including my own and just to see where we stand compared to to to what i was thinking back then but you know there's there's a excuse. There's a reason why people say these things yeah well. No that's great because it's like a great parallel for just like life in general. It's like joe. Who do you trust man. Who can you trust out there. Some people come to you smile in your face and they tell you it's gonna go down to five thousand and you better cell right away. But are they right or are. They just trying to get that fear and you 'cause. They're trying to make something themselves <hes> well. I mean i don't know how much longer you wanna go. Oh but maybe i hit you with my own version of quick fire here. Go do it bro scared and i don't think you're getting you know what and before. I even asked this question. I don't think you're gonna answer threat because go ahead. Here's my thing with joe. Blackburn joe blackburn gets pretty political. Sometimes sometimes not political political but i mean like like a politician. I we you rightfully. You know you wanna be you got that southern hospitality. You're polite man and that's great but joe blackburn. Who are you beefing with right now. Who are you beat. Who do you got beef with the devil the devil i mean here's the thing is that i do not hold grudges or people that that i have gone back and forth with but the thing is the haters make you famous. I mean look donald trump got elected because c._n._n. Wouldn't stop talking about him. I stand by that. I don't care who you are what you say c._n._n. Made everybody either love or hate donald trump have they just never even talked about donald trump. I swear to god he wouldn't have even been the last three so let's thing if someone's beeping with me i mean okay with it you know. I don't think i did anything wrong like i'm sorry bro but no. I think that's totally right because if you if you if you look at something twitter for example and if if you see someone someone's name trending a lot of times it's just people either saying like why is the sky trending why is so and so training wise those trading real not realizing that they're making that person trend like you and they probably hate. They're like hey this person why they try and and it's like well. Why are you contributing so and then we'll get on and then you're like oh yeah. This person sucks you know just contribute to the madness exactly now. You don't have to answer this one but do you think anyone's beefing with you. Oh i hope so yeah that's good answer. John mcafee are beefing that star some beef of bat mac i would i would. I would inherently just like lose that like there's no question it's not something i can win but but i would love to have some beef with something like that. Donald trump beefing it. You wanna call 'cause. He called him out actually yeah that's good though because then you get like a bunch of people that hate them just on your side immediately easily. They don't even care anything else about you. Just don't like trump and for the record that's not. I'm not like talking bad about trump there. I neither love or hate donald trump. I'm not like your typical oil merican who has just one set opinion <hes> just as a preface or as a post disclaimer anyways but hold on hold on to my answer that is verse off. I also i did call donald trump recently. I said next time you talk bad about bitcoin. Can you please tag me yeah. Let's get call now joe blackberries dont have you ever had your heartbroken of course not harm stung bro the kid dude things are perfect all the time. I'm not even not in like junior high like man yes of course now obviously i was just being bad ass yeah dude we all we all. We've all had some some something like that but i'll tell you my biggest heartbreak has come from the university of florida florida gators football team which <hes> when steve spurrier left the gators <hes> <hes> to go to the n._f._l. To be the head coach my heart was genuinely and real like no joke. I was depressed. I didn't come out of my room. I was mine. I was like fifteen of time but i was really disappointed. I remember exactly where it was when he said it and then reminded it to me afterwards so say what you want those were by biggest heartbreaks why you could tell that that's that's real talk doc because you like remember the time place you remember where you were. It's one of those you know. Do you remember where you were. You were when kennedy was shot type questions as a confined exactly right and i'll tell you this to to kind of add onto that is that when urban meyer actually retired for the first time my ex girlfriend at the time was a pretty recent ex girlfriend made sure that she was the very first person to let me know that that happened 'cause she knew how much you meant to me sweet the one that got away no no no not clearly yes. I know just mature milwaukee. I've met joe's family is a wonderful family is the lie he has a lovable wife's sweet as a button <hes> great home <hes> <hes> <hes> now now that i say that forgive this question. This is a couple of weeks. I got a couple of blue questions to ask you. <hes> are you tired of dick's pussies and astles a couple of them all the above a couple of them. I mean it is what it is you know grown ass man and and <hes> the last one this is just this is what i i asked these questions to anyone. I have on my heart questions by the way you are not going easy on me. I've i have a few other ones. I can't remember off my head. There's other one when it comes to porno now. If you ever did partake whether it be pre-marriage whatever you prefer a storyline nine or gonzo where scene that's that's a really interesting question. <hes> you know i'm <hes> i'll have to answer this like you know. I'm an amateur podcast saw. The amateur amateur aspect would probably be what for me best. I appreciate you even even even attempts to answer my questions. I think are very relevant to everybody. Nobody who listens to this show at one way or the next i i mean i guess i think that about does it is. Is there anything you think we might have missed on that we should we should get into no you just killed at jimbo and i'll tell you this to hopefully there will be many instances of our you know tag team combo on this stuff. I didn't really get to ask you a lot of questions this time but i'm sure we'll kind of go back and forth and we'll have more than one opportunity absolutely no. This has been great. This is a blast. I hope you had a lot of fun as well joe. Thank you so much for partaken some wisdom on me <hes> especially when it comes to the crypto verse i feel like i feel like your passion and your knowledge. It's it's it's infectious. It's it's easy to pick up. I think that's why <hes> your perfect to host the show like bitcoin radio and <hes> thank you so much well jim. That goes both ways you. You did a phenomenal job. I hope i did not bore you too much and until next time i am so grateful and we'll look forward to when we do this again all right bitcoin radio. You heard that you heard it from the man himself. Not me this time but jim scamper away jim. Thank you so much today for <hes> coming on and having some fun. I know you enjoyed it. Oh yeah absolutely i. It's very knowledgeable and thank you for having me on a lot of fun absolutely all right. Look bickering radio. Listen you know what time it is. It is time for you to hear how the kripo verse belongs to all of us and what that means is that means. It's it's our responsibility to take care of it. Don't you dare faltering those responsibilities. We gotta do our best. We've got.

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