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Meaning that he's gonna have to show a high safety and in late. He's gonna have to come down, and rob whether it's Jillian where rob gronkowski. Because those two guys you have to double team. Do you? Okay. Goal. Rob store. Like you guys off the of. So just talking about what he's saying Robert coverage. Yeah. Because they like to do a lot of stuff a lot of underneath there needs to analyze those under out. So how do you stop the under routes while you gotta have one safety come from high and take that away? So I think lamarcus Joyner is going to have a couple of huge plays. And offensively the guy who I think can really have the match up to me is going to be Josh Reynolds. I really think that he's gonna have five or six catches he had four in the NFC championship. And the reason why say because they know Abrenica's can do that guy was within last year. So they're not going to allow him to get the deep threat. Robert woods intermediate short route the Rams thing about what was the last time. They hit forty fifty are ball. We haven't seen that was the cooks one at the poor before the end of the half to qualify. Yeah. That was real the Rams the page is gonna take that away. And so that's you're not going to beat us with the big play. And that's what they gonna take away. So the one guy's gonna be Josh vernal. He's going to get that third corner. He's going to get the fourth quarter to a point where if I'm Jared Goff. I'm skiing. I'm scanning but Eighty-three we'll have to be great. And I think if he is he's my. They don't sleep well him. But he's he's come a long saying that because the Rams got a number of weapons in pecking order right in the number one guys girl. Correct. Number two guy to me is Brandin cooks, the number three, Raba woods, and that's pretty much it. Right. And then you say Josh Reynolds, he could just stand there instead on the field, and nobody seem run down there. Let's not go happen. But he's got a guy. He's got an opportunity to become the store in Super Bowl game on the office aside ball defensively what I think that they should do. The Rams is vamp. Call in defense. And I don't know if they do a lot of it. But I will run heavy to man, right? I read so much to man my eyes with pop out of my head because number one you're quarterbacks going nowhere. Number two, everything they do is inside break playing two minutes. It cover to cover to just too. Highs safeties too low guys. On top of them or nickel inside in. They play inside leverage. Okay. Putting everything in the middle of the they're gonna force you to the middle of the noting. They don't they're not gonna force today. I want you to go in the middle if they want you won't you on the outside. Okay, outside breaking rouse. They're going to trail you two guys on the top. What everybody got help it everybody. Nobody got help aggressive underneath because you know to. Hey, if I mess up I got somebody. Offensive player. How do you beat that coverage? If your office, a player will first of all, you got you going to have to run Chris routes and sound and be precise because the guys underneath you. You can you. If you get inside. They're did the moment that you get inside of the dead, but what the lousy the defendant to do is put hands on you at the point of technological screaming. Disrupt the timing of time rating again if he has to reload and cock look pull it back down by air. Donald's fakes..

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