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Want to get to some White Sox conversation with you. Sanders in for Sylvie, and I know you're a diehard Sox fan. We'll get back to these these football calls, but just a little preview. At three o'clock. Want to get your thoughts on what is transpiring with your favorite baseball team in town as well? Well, do you have that thought? Yeah, I know you do. I know I feel a little bit of concern in your eyes. Not as much bears a concern is your bears concern, but a little bit of concern. Just a little bit. Yeah, You're still a little bit. Look, I know I know they're doing well. But Do you ever really find a hardcore fan? That's just totally satisfied. Satisfied? Start to finish. That's a really good question. Or I find Sarah World Series win. Yeah, that's about the peak. Okay, right. That makes sense. Yeah, so we'll get to some of that as well. I have thoughts, Mitchell's and displays Mitchell's always an entertaining conversation. What's up, Mitchell? Hey, Mitchell. Hey, what's going on there? Keep Pisces team Xander like to bring this these elements to your attention. The only person that's it in the way of Justin Fields is obviously the coach Matt Nagy. It's his. It's his team. You know, everybody wants to pontificate and throw their weight around as if they have a seat at the table. Make forest Please get over yourself. Number one. You have improved that he has. He has to basically executed an offence and limit. Let's be honest. Dalton is a huge upgrade from Travis Key, So it's Justin Fields. It's time for him. Listen, this notion of having a motivational speech. I think people in this market really across the NFL. Had seen enough of this motivational speech on so many different levels, especially here in Chicago. But starting line is that Maggie, It's his 10, who's going to make that call. So for all those neo fights that want to point the finger is like Oh, my God, there's a conspiracy shut up. Let the coach the coach is going to live and die by his own actions and the notion that you think that basically, um you know that that access nobody's doing. That could be true, But maybe he doesn't have a grasp of having the greatest offense. Maybe there's some holes in terms of what I call his strategies, but the bottom line again come down to his efficiency. You have any golden, who has a career of having some nice seasons, the passing, we could use that in Chicago. Again. Any don't to me is a prototype of air. Cramer and Dave Craig gets real quick release gives I walk out of arm. He can read a defense and listen said to his credit. He has 11 years, 10 year in the NFL. Just the people to their rookie. Well, they, Mitchell. Yeah. I don't think you're not going to hear any look. Um Matt. Now he's got an opportunity now and year for to actually change the way we all think about him. You're right. This is his decision, and and I think anyone who was expecting him to change his decision leading up to the opening game of the season. I think that was any type of false hope that you had because he told you from the very beginning what they were going to do because he believes in this process. By the way, don't you understand that both Matt Nagy and obviously the GM Ryan page. They have lauded Andy Dalton. I mean, when was the last time why it tastes rather anything from Stravinsky? No. They hit them. He hasn't buried away from the press. Because he's basically they were embarrassed. Okay, so let's let's go back in time. It wasn't so great. There's a lot of praise and going on with Andy Dalton, and it's coming from the two head honchos. So let this play out. Yeah, you know, I have a serious they go by the way. If they go, Bush and anti does winning five received games. I think it's going to upset the apple cart, so I think it's the whole name of the game here, folks. Is to be patient. I think they know what they're doing. And if they don't, then I guess you have all the more reason to say this is the wrong choice. Well, Mitchell that's going to happen. We appreciate the call is always I don't know that I share. I don't share the the the the confidence that he does with regard to. They have this under control because I think a I as I mentioned earlier, they have a roster problem, which means they're there. General manager has struggled to say the least at times, and I just don't think that the offensive minded head coach has really inspired any faith in some of the things that have gone on the last think, Mitchell said. They lauded Andy Dalton took a tune of a what? What was the percentage raise? Well, 60%. He got a $10 million, You know, $10 million contract last year's making 4.5. And I think something like that little more. They were loved. They were lauding Nick Foles as well. Yeah, So look and don't get me wrong. It's not great the they're going to make this change. You know the the the change will occur when the offenses struggling. They're losing games and Andy Dalton is also part of the offensive issue. I mean, it's not going to be in a perfect world. You make the change because Justin Field is ready to go. And he told you that he's ready to go buy everything that you've seen because he could be ready now, if they chose, that's right. Right. Exactly. So it's going to change when Andy Dalton and this team in general, specifically the offense struggles. And they're losing games. That's when the change. Let me ask you this, though, Okay, so they're having a hard time running to Paul. Matt doesn't stick with the plant starts throwing the ball. And he's getting caught. He's not getting hurt, but he's not getting the passes off. He's not making the completions, not necessarily Andy's fault. Old line issues. We bring Justin in that it is simple case of wind loss. Yes, I mean, it's going to be performance based, an outcome based, there's no doubt about that and again. Would warn people that and maybe I'm wrong. And maybe, you know, I hope for the best I prepare for at the very least, mediocrity. There's a very good chance when they turn things over to Justin Fields that it will also look inefficient. Not because of feel the magic right because he's with a group that is average at best on a lot of different front. We've got Rick and Berwyn wants to jump in here on ESPN 1000 With Waddell and Xander in for Sylvie. Hey, Rick. Good evening, gentlemen. How are you? What's up, Rick? I'm doing well. I just got a few words. First of all smoking mirrors, man, Matt Nagy is the king of smoking mirrors. And I'm so tired of like you guys are talking about the words out of heat on the Fed Mary thing from 1000 Island to ranch to French vinaigrette. I'm ready for some meat..

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