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50 at the bay bridge, we've got two minor issues now affecting traffic both ways. On the eastbound span of the bay bridge, one broken down blocking the left lane two way traffic remains in effect on the eastbound span slowly getting by to the right in the reversible lane, which is still open. You're getting by, but with slowing mid span because westbound on route 50 on the bay bridge, it's a minor crash in the center lane. Westbound traffic was getting by single file to the right. And it's been slow and getting slower now from castle Marina road, going westbound toward Annapolis. Beltway, no major crashes reported. I 70 westbound beyond route 32 near the truck way station, a crash blocking the left side. In the district, dropping anchor on main avenue near the wharf, the climate demonstration with their sailboat, along with police blocking main avenue both ways between 9th street and 12th street southwest. Three 95 heavy traffic, but the freeway is open above southwest to and from the 14th street bridge. In Virginia 66 westbound heavy through centerville at eastbound slow into Arlington, D.C. two 95 northbound slow from southeast northeast, northbound on two 95 before eastern avenue, the crash is blocking the right lane of three. Summertime is fast play time, the Maryland lottery just launched three new fast play games with top prizes up to $100,000. Play fast win fast, please play responsibly. Dave dillin WTO traffic. Just storm team force much Jennifer. We're under a flood watch starting at 11 o'clock tonight. It goes until 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon that does not include the southern suburbs. And over the next several hours, we'll stay warm and muggy a couple of thunderstorms are possible.

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