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To to help them get to where they WANNA get in follow their dreams it is absolutely the most beautiful thing to see. Couldn't agree with you more on all fronts. In fact, it does remind me I forgot about summit at sea and the members that came on the boat with us, and you know there is an amazing story. There's this like very, Very well-known Entrepreneur investor who has flown around the world and has his own jet and has been on plenty of you know cruise ships and. Ocean liners and whatever else he's ever wanted took a steam auto greatest story, I love pets, and this guy goes into the steam room and it was the you know nineteen twenty year olds from Air Sea who he met in the steam room and ended up hanging out for like three hours. Actually I don't believe the whole time of the steam room as a long steam. Amazing. He told me the story was like, Oh, I have to tell you. This is my favorite experience. I've ever had summit. Because I go into around this corner into this spa, I go inside and I meet these kids who are in their first ever steam on their first ever cruise after taking their first flight outside of California who are like on this ship and you know here I am like. The water wasn't hot enough on my t this morning and woe is me you know what I mean and the perspective that he got. He's like what's incredible about? This is just the beauty of like interacting with people that just don't share your background or your experiences that like their perspective on all the things that you think are absolute troops are different and informed in their own way I remember standing the lounge and this guy who will come Mr K. I. Think if I remember correctly, he had come straight from the steam and was in his robe still at so. Mr K. comes. Up to me and says, I just had the most amazing steam of my life and just like pins against the wall and tells me this story. It was just such. So beautiful because you know that these young air sea members lives are changing with this experience, they're feeling human in part of society and part of the elite in part of power part of genius conversations. Right. But on the flip side Mr, k. was only one of multiple people they came up to me on that trip and said I. Think I just had the deepest conversation of my life and I think these people I just talked to have done more work on themselves. Ninety five of people in society and I think I've learned more about myself today because of this conversation that I've had. So just a beautiful win win and kinship. That happens when you put people together from those various worlds is beautiful. Art of the Hustle we'll be right back after this short break. Mourn and said this away. Of sucker punching new to the day. You don't know. It's they. It is. That's K.. Burnt breakfast no hot water critic female on your. Mood. This morning. Support for this podcast comes from Goldman Sachs companies in the top core tile for ethnic diversity are thirty three percent more likely to have industry leading profitability and those in the top Cortel for gender diversity or twenty one percent more likely to outperform. This data was the catalyst behind launch with G. S. a five hundred, million dollar investment strategy that continues to focus on increasing access to capital for women Black Latino and other diverse entrepreneurs learn more at GS DOT COM SLASH LAUNCH WITH G S. I mean there's so many critical issues in our society today and just what you said about hope really resonates with me. You know because I feel like we're in a pretty hopeless time where people can't really see opportunities to get out of their situations you know often and Often, seeking on this podcast and just in my life is sort of those little nuggets of wisdom that empowered the people that road that road before you in a sense you know. So in for you like when you think about the next issues that you want to apply this work to you personally, where else are you excited to lean into right now? We are a developing film with Ben Affleck Directing. and Martin Scorsese in Harry. Belafonte. Producing. called. King, Leopold's ghost and I am excited about this. So much of what we focused on his domestic, but this is really a global story. Of King Leopold of Belgium who decided that it would be cute to have a his own African continent and went to the Congo and made it his own and pretended to be a missionary. But ultimately was a slave owner and enslaved over a million people to make money off of rubber cut people's arms off murdered people. That's not what the movies about the movie is actually about the first ever human rights campaign a led by Black Congolese Africans white I'm sorry white Europeans Black Europeans White Americans. Black. Americans all teaming up together to expose these atrocities really showed a world's first human rights campaign. It's funny that even after George Floyd I was reading about all of the King Leopold statues in Belgium being toppled and thrown into the river. But really excited to kind of tackle those issues of colonialism, which obviously are part of our country's history as well. Tackling issues of racial justice and bringing people together. Really interested. In in De stigmatizing mental health issues working on issues around creating equity and equality for women and girls looking at our immigration system, I find the rhetoric around immigration right now absolutely disgusting when I do believe that we look at our immigration rhetoric ten years from now it is going to be the next gay marriage. We're going to be in shock that we ever did this to human beings I see it as. I see it what we did around marriage equality, as well as our history with slavery Those are the issues that are really, Kinda Kinda Front, and center for me right now, we also we are in negotiations on a big huge major music film kind of in the vein of Bohemian rhapsody in rocket man and walk the line the deals with issues of racial justice that I'm really excited about. But I can't talk about yet were in negotiations on a really exciting environmental and sustainability film that is really kind of human centered in human based, which I think is exciting were looking at a project that is all kinds of Latino and let nex representation that's awesome. We have a small independent film that is a beautiful mother son immigration.

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