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I want to get in your special food to be effective yeah this is a list of the different countries United States is rated number one most prepared United Kingdom Netherlands Australia Canada Thailand Sweden Denmark South Korea Finland is this is a list of of the best rated countries in the world president trump at the White House regarding no Sir because he's been terrific in many ways but he's also and what we're looking at here once again the president saying that fifteen people have been sick in the states eight of them are home recovering one in the hospital the others have recovered and forty two others that have been brought back to the states U. S. citizens they got sick abroad and brought back and they're being treated as well in some level of quarantine at this point more details about this and the news conference as developments happened in the meantime let's get traffic genesis is a pleasant hills on the part for you see our printer Forbes Avenue jammed up so it's slow basically from grant street outperforms Avenue and then it's heavy from Bates all the way up towards Forest Hills they've taken this accident finally got her off the shoulder after the Brighton road overpass so you have three lanes of eventually want to get outdoors for stills on the outbound side of the parkway east still heavy on twenty eight from the north shore up toward the fortieth street bridge parkway Weston bound slow from the parkway center on ramp to the fort Pitt tunnels in Ricky's fork fifty Avenue closed near pearl street and the McKeesport Duquesne bridge overturned vehicle accident sheared off a utility pole so it doesn't look like that's going to re open any time soon harder to board at six fifty five from the Presbyterian senior Kerr network traffic center I'm Scott Stiller on newsradio ten twenty KDKA forecast from accu weather some snow overnight some snow in the morning to coatings to an inch both this evening and tomorrow overnight low.

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