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A. Few Times I sit down at a table full of billionaires and by them not a billionaire by a long shot. But I pull my little bag of vitamins and they'll go I've got one two. Okay if you go back ten years or twenty years and longer in Silicon Valley and maybe they weren't billionaires back in there sent a millionaires but. When you? When you look back then I was like from another planet right all of the people of means the power executives, the celebrities, the professional athletes, top level, software developers they're all taking their supplement. They're all paying attention to the stuff because the Roi in their careers is so high. So you're not alone and you're just very early adopter and I would argue that. The the even though you've lived pretty hard for part of your life that the fact that you have this knowledge and you've been using it for awhile it's probably why you have some of the success you have today and the brain app today. Interesting. Do what about the idea of having a life extension coach like a longevity coach coaches for everything but I I right now I feel my first instinct was I wanNA hire someone to be my longevity coach because I think that there's so much information out there that it's cost effective for me not to have to research it I rather seek out one person it's total expert in that field is adopted or or coach question. That's a really perceptive question. What's happening now is that very few doctors even the very, very best functional medicine doctors. They can diagnose weird things because they've seen the pattern before but I is getting so good that if you spend two hours on Google, you can usually dial just into you know what I'm pretty sure. I know about what? What I'm dealing with. You Talk to an expert, the highest use of Watson Right? That's Watson's highest uses diagnosing patterns based on your massive amounts of information. That's what they do. In fact, one of the companies I'm invested in called the DNA companies actually partnered with Watson on functional genomics, and so they can look into go. That's what's going on and it is fascinating. If, you look though at what your doctor's role is if you have concierge doctor in functional medicine doctor, they are your coach. So the idea of a doctor is is the source of knowledge. No doctor knows what the Internet knows. So they're fantastic sources knowledge in your partner, their lab reiter right and they're your coach, and so what you want to do is you want to find a concierge medicine functional Edison Practice, which means you pay. Him, whatever they charge per month, and you have a month with them in their your coach yeah, I had that the human performance institute I've thousand plus coaches. But most of them are doctors you know these are pure people who teach you how to be bulletproof but there's a level where you are where you're saying you know, I need to get my labs and I need to get description for this you wanna doctor you really do. I think it's it's more integrative. It's an integrative approach and I think at some level the only thing that most doctors is that they somewhat the good ones don't but many of them yet not brainwashed but they get myopic because of going through traditional Western medicine. They make you take a certain way and I think a lot of the ways that I think it's changing now fall for the better. You know a specialist you learn more and more about less and less, and I think that the exact opposite of what you need for something like that such a multi disciplinary solution where there's just so many different systems and things happening I don't really think about that almost being about a jack of all trades and some level and finding the masters of those few key ones to come up with a strategy that really is perfect for you. That's the solution maybe the two groups you want to go to the people were certified by the IFM, the Institute for Functional Medicine or a for him the American Academy Advantage Medicine people have had training and certifications from those two are almost universally going to be able to go I would so good the system of you instead of these strict functional things. I'm just natural paths versus practice versus medical doctors. Medical doctors generally have more privileges to write you stuff. But sometimes they can be more hidebound in my experience. Some of the very best people it doesn't matter. What matters is how many decades of experience to the have? I think it's twenty years of experience working on tough stuff. They're they're going to have special powers and at this point in your life, you can afford someone special powers do that. Brilliant, brilliant. Well, listen I would love to be on your show one day if you want that. But this is really great and Everybody Dave asprey. Wow. To change my life, I was already on this role but now I'm firmly on this road to be taking action tonight I really think everybody she check out what's the best place to find your stuff like Dave asprey dot com and Scott links to everything bulletproof radio I'm always on Instagram and facebook brilliant I will be there myself tonight that's the show right after this in fact, Dave thanks a lot for coming on I really appreciate your great really great inspirational and a gift to humanity seriously. then. You Jordan I'm agree. Thanks, bye. All right here's the deal is American gets back to work. You want and need every possible vantage out there.

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