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Okay. Our best friend in the entire world. Dr. Scott Atlas is just minutes away. 7. 30 way We've got lots of talk about. It's gotta get the school's open. Tell us why Mr Scientist at 7 30 more than ever on 105.9 FM W m A l. A cumulus stations news now Male news at 7 30. Good morning, everyone I'm John Matthews. Both presidential campaigns are gearing up to full speed is summer vacation season comes to a close. The president held a rare Labor Day press conference yesterday, where he prays economy and the latest jobs report, and he demanded an apology for what he calls anti vaccine rhetoric from his opponents. This after biting Harris say they don't trust the president on a vaccine. Now the president heads today to South Florida. This morning in Winston Salem, North Carolina, after the Biden campaign is focusing on the Midwest right now is the former VP travels to Michigan Fox NEWS Griff Jenkins 172,000 Homes in Central and Northern California are in the dark this morning and will remain without power until tomorrow night as the state's largest utility cut the juice to avoid any accidental sparks that could lead to more wildfires. The move came at the end of a scorching Labor Day weekend that saw several major wildfires breakout. National forest in the southern half of California have been closed as well. Saudi Arabia being slammed for his handling of the murder trial for those who killed Washington Post columnist Jamaal Kashiwagi Jamal fiance, saying Saudi authorities are closing the case of her partner's murder without the world learning who is responsible, then G saying questions about who ordered the killing on the whereabouts of his body. Remain unanswered. A Saudi court has jails eight people for murdering the Washington Post writer at the Saudi continent in Istanbul. But a U. N investigator calling the trial a mockery of justice, with senior officials escaping unpunished. Simon Oh, in Fox News, Checking your money. The Dow Futures are down 63 points this morning. The NASDAQ Futures down 284 in sports sponsored by Wendy's.

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