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Us take no jumper to the next level. Enjoy this episode. Bring baby shicho in the building. I know how you man. Should i put on these files feeling great if you wanna to campus good either. I'm feeling great. You know just sitting here fresh out this fugger bed you know trying to turn back up hell you as good to have you in here man fuck and i i mean i guess other say i became a fan of your music probably twenty thirteen twenty fourteen and you were going crazy and i felt like you career kinda got stopped short at some point like you just kinda like legal problems got in the way and shit and you weren't really able to turn up the way that you were my life first round draft pick for a while there. I was like this is about the blow man. That's that's like that one foot in one foot out life like ours house here still in the streets. But i was reading. But i didn't really like now that the stream is going on. It's like oh it's holding the bag out there. But i was trapping rapid. Still trying to be known but i'm still doing all the streets so i was really. I was on the run for like two years. So that project. I was supposed to Nasty diller to get a big bag for that project. Chris brown gucci man right. I tie darko near everybody on there. And i wasn't able to go travel and do all the stuff that i needed to do. So real legal problems man. So i feel now where so. Okay give us a little bit of rundown exactly where you're from where you grew up in and around. La and shit. Well email is break baby that they know a shitty city not the other rare with the real shitty you have saved from raleigh sixties amount to sixty right out there in la south central. So the other shitty that you're referring to when i first heard about all that which we can get to at some point that was kind of my reaction is like damn all right. There's a bunch of people and their shitty from out that area. Yeah man yeah. That's that's actually one of my little hobbies. But i really don't wanna talk too much about it. But we get we touch on the i don't know interviews about initiate for sure. Okay but so early on you coming up. Where were you born and raised around. My ear are so like. I'm right from like south central so i grew up like in like on slots in crenshaw but i also grew up on adams in like crenshaw like crenshaw on adams kershaw jefferson so i'm gonna product above but his both to cripple is sixty but i went out to atlanta when i was seventeen analysis. Like we're big meeting now. Really i just got out of juvenile hall. My mamma wanted me to get up out of there. But i was playing basketball so i went to clark atlanta university and is out there flooded with meet and all living eggs in you get with them right away when you went out there and put basketball well. My cousin. My cousin and my sister used they boyfriends was from vmf at the time. Oh soon as i got out there like learning stabbed streets ooh dot actually go right so but okay you get out there how you get introduced to be an did they they to do to stay out of trouble as well. Yeah neighbor trying to give me just out of trouble. Because i you know. We don't do all that hustling shit. We ain't no china. Maybe i wasn't going out here. Renting gani know we fly instead like that but we gave banking. So i'm going out there with that mentality rob. Somebody had said fresh out of juvenile all. But i'm going to college trying to play the role as a edison man..

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