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It goes in New York they always have these little parties they used. To have was always the liberal party and the conservative. Party and normally the liberal party would endorse the democratic candidate whoever, that was in the conservative party would. Endorse the Republican candidate whoever that was occasionally it would vary I, remember when Rudy Giuliani was elected mayor of the first time he was also. The liberal party nominee for mayor and, it really helped him I think he, had the liberal party the conservative party and the Republican party, and he was. Able to win as mayor in a very very democratic city so Joe Crowley who one eighty three, percent of the vote last time when he's running for congress just in two thousand sixteen is going to. Be on the ballot in what's called the working families party now the, working families party is a Goku way, out there leftist party but he will be on the ballot and here's what Joe Lieberman, has to say He says Because the, policies, MS. Oh. Cossio Cortez advocates are so far from. The mainstream her election. In November Would make it harder for congress to stop fighting. And start fixing problems her election would hurt, congress, would. Hurt America and would hurt the Democratic Party, it doesn't have to Thanks to, a small percentage of primary votes all of the people. Of New York's fourteenth congressional district stand to lose a very effective Representative in Washington fortunately rights Joe Lieberman Joe, Crowley and the voters in his district can prevent this damage. How on election day his name will be on the ballot is the. Endorsed candidate of the working families party but for Mr, Crowley to have a chance of getting, reelected he will have to decide if he wants, to remain an active candidate I hope he does and. I I've got to say I hope. He does too because yes, he's, just one of four hundred and thirty five but it would send. A very powerful message to Democrats don't flirt with this. Extreme left-wing fringe one of the points that oh Cossio Cortez ran on where. She disagreed with Joe. Carlo Joe Crowley she wants to totally abolish ice and. What totally abolishing I Ice means inaugural place at not reform it's she wants. To totally abolish it that means no immigration enforcement at. All And that's not a position. At Nancy Pelosi supports a bunch of Democrats running for president do rebuke that position and here, is the, point there probably some people listening to me now who are in. That district or Republican and you're thinking oh yeah I will dutifully. Vote for the Republican candidate vote for Joe Crowley you vote Republican all the rest of the ballot and do that but vote for the Joe. Crowley name on the working families take it doesn't, mean you have to work vote for any other. Working families candidate it just means you. Have to vote against Alexandria Cossio Cortez Because the hard left is poison in, this country And it's very important that she lose Now? Why is Joe Lieberman writing about this and he knowledge is this at the end of his column because Joe experienced the same thing His last term in the US. Senate he was challenged in. A, primary because he was one of the? Majority of Democrats in the US Senate voted for the Iraq war Joe Lieberman was among them He was challenged in the primary by an. Extreme-left candidate named Ned Lamont And never Lamont beat Joe Lieberman in the primary But here's. The way, that Lieberman describes it in his. Column he says Mr Crowley faces a difficult choice I know because I face the, same choice in two thousand six after losing democrat primary Iran is an independent because I want it all the voters to decide whether I. Deserve to continue to, serve them in the Senate it was a risk but I concluded it was worth it to know that I. Had taken my fight for the kind of government. I believed in as far as I possibly could he won that race and he served the next six years as. An independent and toward the end of that period he ended up endorsing a Republican for the first time. In his life for president. Of the United States his name. Was John McCain he was running against Barack Obama. You may remember in, two thousand and. Eight look this is a very very important question I know there are people out there who always dreaming of a..

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