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Pair walking nearby and arrested them I'm Bob Williams. Newsradio eleven ninety K ex like the Katie Facebook page. The instant news updates and alerts you get you will have you saying that what I like Tracy Lawrence for the US air force. We all have tough choices we have to make laugh just works that way. I remember when I was getting ready to move to Nashville to pursue my dream. A my ten year old Toyota Corolla with two hundred and fifty thousand miles on it and hit the road. It was a tough choice, but the rat one from me if I decided to take what seemed like an easier road. I never would have achieved my dream. You can do anything if you put your mind to this message is brought to you by the US air force. Hi, it's Olympia with my shelter pets. Frankie and chance reminding you that when you adopted shelter pets you discover all the things that make them unique adopt here love at the shelterpetproject dot org. Brought to you by the Ad Council. Humane society of the United States and Maddie's Fund, spring is here, and so are the savings. My friends at Subaru Portland are making it super easy with incredible offers right now lease the all-new twenty nineteen Subaru two point five outback premium him for only one seventy nine per month for thirty six months only one seventy nine that is less than most people's cable bills seem these amazing rides in the road. And now you can test drive one for yourself. Eight hundred ten thousand five eighty two told cost Katie one one since Portland with you for lifetime down KNX traffic cruiser on the scene of an apartment. Fire in Gresham. Your HOGAN road and division area freeways, just about cleared out alone. Hold out as the inbound sunset, it's still tied off and on downhill from Sylvan to the tunnel. There's a little bit heavy traffic eighty four east out into the Hollywood.

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