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Back off. because. The three platforms, main platforms, box, big pharmaceutical companies. Aches. Vaccines Right, and then they created in August, of twenty nineteen, an algorithm that completely lucht alternative medicine search results Mo my gosh. ooh, and now there's a big class action lawsuit against them but I did not jump on board on that because I just don't WanNa deal with any stuff like that. But I read random to Anderson. and. Then, capped by times and then I. Locked down my website and then. Google. Deleted my account. That, I fixed my own got back out there and then dead, and it's been one thing after the other. So I've been. Scrambling all year. Just. Upgrade. And streamline it and fine tune in and and the whole time I spend sets. I make post than they disappear and. Super we're. Super Weird I feel like living in an alternate reality that not really real and why? There and I'm not. Catholic. pull. My business out of there and put it back into. The real deal got WHOA. Yeah. It's been. That's been tough and then the whole drunk driver piece I just. Got The restitution hearings put off and put off and put off because Colbert? Even when I get that money, it's not gonNA be enough to cover the debt. So I'm trying to. Get rid of the debt and trying to get in house. I have a car I wanNA style and I can't even get the title. They don't have an address with the house and a driver's license addressed in the House and they can send you. So. It's a couple pieces that just need to fall into place, and then I'm pretty good to go I, feel like, I'll be solid. So. Tony Robbins help get real with that realize that. You know I had to problem solve it. This was the best thing that I came up with. To quickly resolve everything so that I can get over the Hump and. And really start producing because I I. Really Want to publish the book I want to. Really, step up the game and. I feel. Very motivated that the brand smiling I'm bringing, the world will be one of the new. Models to how we take care of our health and ourselves. So. I feel very blessed on that level and buried divinely guided. By destiny, but this piece of God. I feel like I'm supposed to be protecting people, my population disabled people bureau that that this part of my destiny and then it's part of. Really. Good game. You might. Friday. Online and able to really serve. people's health worldwide and really make a difference in their life I. I know power energetic. Do I know? All about you know any mean. I'm super excited. Kneeling has spun. Nobody nobody. Imagine you just laugh the whole entire time. If you went to the doctor laughable, the lower and listen to whatever and. Then you laughed and you're like, Oh, I, don't need any medicine. I don't need surgery, I don't need. You know. It's interesting that kind reminds me of catch. Him Off again, every every once in a while look Kazoo, tight institute because I read that book by Him after I saw the movie eons ago in. Just, I love that idea that he was. He was trying to get get people lighten up and he had his whole idea to make his. Tight. Institute, which is this out of adult. Life thought me. I'd love to go out there and visit that guy and see what the heck he's up to, and I can only imagine just how much even more he would benefit. With knowing th in the knowledge that you know and and being being implemented. There I mean. That'd be pretty cool. He had. You know doctors there who? Who practiced these these kinds of ways of healing and? These these kinds of things like with this podcast. What you're doing, Youtube Channel, your blog, he's just wonderful. Wonderful beacons to those who? Just, magnetized us into those who resonate with the same material and. Then people start popping up out of the woodwork that you that you wouldn't expect. They feel this kinship with Ya and. Which I think is is just phenomenal. Imagine when you get this tribe of. Of all these energy workers. Who you're teaching the quantum healing to, and they're all just out there. All right. Let's go to the hospital the Va.. Today, let's just kill all these veterans and get you know. Kinda help them out get. Can you like for instance? Can you get rid of people's PTSD? Can you see? Can You Have those well I mean, yeah. I can. I can get rid of stress on the spot. PTSD is pretty complex. I, feel like it meets. Therapy and thumb I like I'm a famine of EMT are pretty. Pretty severe PTSD despite health and my. Though I, bet in. The Trauma Therapy for twelve years. Everybody benefit from that. Promise therapy trauma bonding, finding out all about that. Because really in the world that we live in Dot News, our reality that all of us been traumatized and this whole thing is like traumatizing and itself. So I feel like everybody's got PTSD on breaking out. We all need healing I. Think the biggest. The biggest thing about power energetics being Maui as I was divinely guided here and called here in two, thousand, and three and six. twenty sixteen live here. Full time. But when I when I did I.

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