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Was the roaring twenties that this country was the most prohibited. There's nothing more powerful than an idea. The time has come. Craps except for the government, telling the American public what we can and we cannot do this time that idea the government had a partner. Let's be honest. The partner was in science. Not since the roaring twenties. Have we been so prohibitive? This time it was in politics, although we managed to make it so this time it was survival. And the country was split over age, fitness and, frankly, survival of fitness. It was a generational disagreement. A generational war, The old versus the young as it began. And then it became multigenerational survival. Now we're looking at this problem. Thank God in our rear view mirror. The error of abstinence has become the error of anything goes. The power of America's pent up demand is felt everywhere. Last time this country was this afflicted and was living in denial was the roaring twenties. No alcohol, it was prohibited Abstinence. Interestingly enough, more alcohol was consumed during that time than any other time in our history. However, this time was There was no nothing. House arrests. No people, no places. No things we've been freed. There's a pent up demand for everything for socializing for outside for people contact for food, travel, cars, fashion, clothes, shoes, handbags, stuff, luxury. Everything we want. We have to have now those guys in Amazon and the rest of them. They better get cooking. We don't want to wait. We buy it. I want it delivered tomorrow. We have pent up demand like well let out of prison with money to spend on anything and everything. And frankly, we're living in the roaring 20 twenties. We're busting out, baby, the world should boom. The world is booming from undressed and nowhere to go to all dressed up in everywhere to go. Economy's thriving businesses are opening businesses turning around rapidly and they're looking at record performances, stimulus checks stimulated to spend and it's summer. This is the perfect storm. Now, once again, I'm watching And I'm thinking I'm curious as to what is actually going on. Remember growing updating, wasn't it playing hard to get? That was the most attractive to all of us, Wasn't it? That what we couldn't have? We wanted the most. In real life. Now I think of the treadmill, not for working out. Think of that mouse on that treadmill chasing the cheese keeps running harder and harder and harder, but the prize is always out of reach. Today's consumers of fighting to buy The entirety of luxury is kissed out of reach impossible to capture the higher demand. The less supply prices are escalating Inflation costs a rep. ADI Rising The guest is up a dollar per gallon since Biden took office. Who cares? We just want. It's like that date I mentioned before the harder to get the more we wanted. Do we like waiting for things? No. Amazon, everyone, you better ship faster. This anticipation increased desire ability. Not now. It doesn't. It makes us incense then crazy. We want what we want now, but we want it. But say LA vee life is life. There's just not enough of what we want out there. As an aside someone should point out During the dark era. Thankfully, essentials were never cut off. There was a former president who got no credit for keeping the country running. As a former president got no credit by the way for warp speed in the vaccine zero no credit. That's a story for another time. This country has a pent up demand the likes we've never seen to have fun to recreate defecation the party to spend spend and spend. Businesses are going crazy and they're raising and raising their prices. You know why? Because they can In spite of this, It's a great time. It's a good time. I'm certainly excited and smiling. I'm careful. I'm coming back to the world at my own pace, but I'm venturing out into this world. And tonight. I want to explore the business of this time. Our time, the roaring 20 twenties now always fun and always roaring to go. My son, my lawyer, my coz my traveling companion and my partner and everything and nothing. Jesse Weber. Hey there. Hey, there. Hey there. Yeah, it really is, Uh, amazing. Amazing time and I find now and I hope everybody is feeling the same way. That they're appreciating everything they're appreciating in the world and appreciating life in a way that they haven't before. I mean, that's the way to really look at everything that's happened, the little things that you just never thought about walking down the street breathing air being around people who would have ever thought that that's something you took advantage of. And I love this time. You know, I've often been quoted just You heard me the hardest arithmetic two masters that which enables us to count our blessings. And we all should be counting our blessings. We're getting a chance. So what else? Jesse? What else you got going on? Are you excited? What are you doing? What's happening? Well, I'll give you a great example this past weekend. My girlfriend and I walked too so whole, we walked all these different stores into these different stores shopped around. Had lunch went out to dinner. To do these things was absolutely amazing. I hadn't felt it since before the pandemic and the city was alive. There was so many people out and SoHo happy enjoying the time and I loved every single second of it. And you know what? I did What? I put my phone away. I didn't look at my phone. I was just enjoying the moment I was in the moment. And it was absolutely fantastic. What about you? Well, I would say, unlike most of you, including you out there I've always appreciated the little things have never been boards. Throughout my house arrest I kept busy. I walked. I appreciated nature. Every time I was off, I thought about enjoying the time off. I'm guessing I'm thinking like a newborn might think. You look out. He he or she, the newborn looks at everything is new. Learning the new world more than a little bit frightened or concerned but excited with each step. Losing my wife in and of itself created a new and different world for me, But when people ask, I tell them I feel like Tom Hanks in the movie Big. You see me? I'm a grown up, but I'm really a child in an adult body..

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