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School yearbook page the photo shows a person in black face and another in full Ku Klux Klan robes the democratic governor admitted today that he is one of the people in the photo. And that the behavior was not in keeping with his values until work to heal the damage he's caused we'll talk to Andy Field about that. In just a moment and democratic Senator from New Jersey Cory Booker today announcing his intention to run for the White House. President Trump held a meeting on human trafficking on the southern border this morning before sitting down with secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, this comes after Pompeo's announcement that the US would withdraw from a historic Cold War era, nuclear arms control treaty because of ongoing violations. Russia's violation puts millions of Europeans and Americans at greater risk. It aims to put the United States at a military disa-. Advantage ABC's. Andy Field has more on this and other stories is he joins us on the KOMO Newsline. Andy, do we know what some of the specific violations are according to the US. Well, one is that they have deployed missiles in and around Europe, or at least on the borders of some European Union countries that violate the the intermediate range of missiles that are allowed in in the street here even NATO agrees with the president saying they've done it. Although Russia as yet to live they done these things. It doesn't pose an extraordinary sorts of United States, but it does violate the treaty. And that's why the president is doing this. But the bigger issue here is that the president. Before him. Barack Obama has tried to get the compliance. But didn't. We blow up the treaty. I think the reason that the president. It was case wants to do that is that China has very similar missiles, and they're not involved in this treaty. And he wants to see this thing laps, and then just build a whole new treaty that we involved the US China and Russia, let's switch gears, and he's so much more detail about today, also Virginia governor Ralph north omitting. He's one of the guys who appears in this racist costume in a photo in his nineteen Eighty-four medical school yearbook. And basically there's a person in KKK rogue another in a black face. And he doesn't say which one is. But says he's one of them. Now, we're hearing for calls for him to resign already. You just happened beforehand that I think it was the secretary of state and Florida not too long ago apparently two thousand five was dressed in black face in the Hurricane Katrina victim, it it took less than a day before he resigned here. And it's hard to see how this doesn't happen here in Virginia. Especially Gillespie the Republican candidate who ran against him for governor is opposition party could have easily found just dug into a Roth northern old yearbooks because it was right there in the yearbook picture of him with other pictures of him during his medical school years and nineteen Eighty-four. It's really studying looks day and age that someone who's a public servant a doctor someone who served in the military. Head done this at some point. And no one had discovered this here. He says, quote the behaviors on keeping with.

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